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How am I going to fund my education at this university? Was a question that kept ringing in my head for quite a long time.

You see, I had just been offered admission into Ebonyi State University to study Law and instead of being very happy about it, I became moody. This is not to say that I wasn’t happy when I heard the news, I certainly was happy considering that most of my friends were still struggling to get admission.

So why would I be so concerned about paying my fees?

I come from an average family of about five people. My parents were simple civil servants whose salaries were never paid on time. This made the entire family live each day at a time.

And in addition to that, my school fees was a whopping 127,800 yearly excluding all other payments you need to do for clearance yearly.

My school had no provision for on-campus accommodation so that was strictly on you the student.

I was a student of Law with plenty of textbooks to purchase every semester. If you calculate all these things, I was looking at about N300,000 thousand naira yearly to pay for my studies. And feeding was not even part of it.

So, after so many family meetings, my father was able to pay my first-year fees and I started school. But it was all pain. Why will I say so?

Most times, there was no food to eat. I would go 0 - 0 – 1 or if God being so good to me and I get to afford okpa in the morning, that meant 1 – 0 – 1. This meant that most times, I had to go hungry. Sometimes my lecturer would be teaching and my mind would be busy roaming how I would eat that evening.

By second semester year one, the problem became how I was going to pay my fees in 200 level. I was always asking myself:
“Remedy, are you sure you will finish in this school?”

My questions drew me deeper into my sorrows. I couldn’t bear it any longer…

So, I started asking questions. I was asking anyone who cared to listen, the easiest way of paying one's tuition at the university. Unfortunately for me, I got no good response. Many told me that I would have to go to building sites to do manual labour for them to be paid. If I did enough work in 3 months, I might save up to N100,000. How will this help?

I needed about N300,000 per year so manual labour in construction sites was out of it. I kept asking until a friend of mine in the University of Benin told me about scholarships.

He said that all I needed to do was have a good result and companies would pay me hundreds of thousands in scholarship yearly. Mehn, I was so happy that I traveled to Benin to learn how to win these scholarships from him.

When I met him, he told me how to search for available scholarships, how to apply for them, how I needed to prepare for the exams and how I would finally win. With great joy and pride that things were going to change, I travelled back to School.

I searched online for scholarships and put in 14 applications. I mean a whole 14 applications but guess what, no one called me. I wasn’t even invited for exams. I knew something was wrong.

By this time, I was in 200 level. So, I started researching online and even paid for some materials. In my search, I made a big discovery. It wasn’t about applying, there were some secret formulas to putting in a strong application that would make them call you. I knew this was it!

With these secrets in my fingertips, I applied for the NNPC/Chevron scholarship and boom, I was invited for the test. I knew how to prepare already so I prepared, went for the test and after some weeks, I received my email that I was successful. This meant N100,000 in my hand every year for the rest of my schooling once I maintained a good result.

I couldn’t believe it so when I got paid, I rushed to the bank and withdrew the entire N100k. I held it in my hands to be sure it was mine.


Thunder fire poverty!

Armed with my secret sauce, I applied for other scholarships and like magic, I won 4 more scholarships.

NNPC/Chevron scholarship -N100,000

Ebsg scholarship - N150,000

NNPC/Seplat scholarship –N150,000

Hillcity Foundation scholarship –N50,000

Jim Ovia Foudation scholarship –N150,000

This meant N600,000 in my account every year. I be wan craze. MY NEW LIFE IN SCHOOL COULDN’T RECOGNIZE MY PAST LIFE OF SUFFERING.

With my money, I got myself a powerful laptop. I moved into a new, well furnished apartment. You need to be relaxed to read o. Bought all recommended textbooks.

It has not finished…

I changed my wardrobe. People couldn’t believe I was the one again. It was all sauce. I started eating very good meals. And I could read and understand better (try reading law textbooks on empty stomach… hahaha). This meant that my result improved. Fine girls were after me at this point. I just kept running o.

See… My life changed!

I saved enough money to start my own business after I finished school. But I did something else that makes me proud till today. What was that?

I left a strong legacy in my university. For a school where scholarship winners were almost non-existent, I taught my formula to over 30 students who went on to win several scholarships. This was a confirmation to me that my formula works.

After I graduated from the university, I still got calls from people I never knew asking me to teach them how to apply for and win undergraduate scholarships. I couldn’t help it at this point because I am a practicing lawyer and didn’t have plenty time to spare.

That was how I decided to put my knowledge on the art and science of winning scholarships in Nigeria into a book. And God blessed you when you landed on this page

how to win scholarships in Nigeria

Can my story be replicated in you? Of course. Why not?

Can I do for you what I did for over 30 students in EBSU? Yes of course. Even your village witch cannot do anything about your success now.

I am also the founder of scholars Arena with over 10,000 students as members. On this platform alone, I’ve helped over 400 students to win different scholarships in Nigeria.

 Not to boast… I am the FATHER of Multiple scholarships today in Nigeria.

That’s why today, I want to give you that secret formula for winning scholarships in Nigeria.






Many students desire to win multiple scholarships in the university but they simply don’t know “How to”.  I am almost sure you want the answer to that question too!

Fortunately, such life-changing information and many more have been put into this simple, comprehensive, yet, easy-to-read book titled “How to win multiple scholarships in Nigeria”


16 solid and trusted multiple-scholarships winning secrets that made me win 5 scholarships. (These secrets have been tested even by below-average-students and it worked wonders!)

Top seven (7) easiest scholarships to win in Nigeria.

Over 10,000 slots of local undergraduates scholarships offered annually in Nigeria. (How to apply, when to apply, where to apply and how to win!)

Over 35 local postgraduate scholarships in Nigeria.

Over 107 international scholarships for you to study Abroad at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

How, where and when to apply for these scholarships.

How to access timely scholarship information for your application.

Top 8 most important documents for scholarships and “how to get them in the correct format”

A compendium of scholarships Past questions and answers and its magic!



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