Young Peace Leaders Caux Scholars Program

Young Peace Leaders Caux Scholars Program: Through fundraising efforts, CSP offers merit-based and need-based scholarships that are given to scholars who have made important community contributions and who demonstrate leadership skills and a clear commitment to furthering the mission and values of CSP and Initiatives of Change in their chosen professional field.

Application Deadlines: 

  • Programme: 2nd March 2018
  • Scholarship:  17th February, 2018

Eligible Countries: All

To be taken at (country):  Initiatives of Change conference center in Caux, Switzerland

About the Award: Twenty scholars from around the world are selected for this four-week course held in Caux, Switzerland, during the Initiatives of Change global summer conferences. Since its creation in 1991, CSP has over 500 alumni from 105 countries; still connected to each other through a global network. They are active in international organizations, NGOs, politics, education, business and communications around the world.

The Caux Scholars Program teaches students to analyze conflicts, to understand the factors that create and sustain conflicts, and provide practical understanding of approaches to resolving conflicts – conflict prevention, negotiation and transitional justice.

CSP offers ONE alumni scholarship per year.


Type: Training


  • National of a country that is affected by civil or armed conflict. Please note that candidates with nationality (dual nationality) or permanent residency in a developed country do not qualify for the scholarship.
  • Active engagement in creating peace and mitigating conflict.
  • Demonstrated financial need.

Selection: A committee of 6 (4 alumni and 1 member of the CSP staff) grades each applicant. The top three candidates are selected and interviewed, in person or by phone, upon which the final candidate is selected.

Number of Awardees: 1

Value of Scholarship: This scholarship provides US $3,800 for the tuition fee and US $1,000 for air travel if enough funds are raised.

Duration of Scholarship: June 24 – July 22, 2018

How to Apply: In addition to the CSP application, please submit a one page essay on the following topic:

How are you currently engaged in creating peace in your country? What, in your opinion, are the qualities needed in peacemakers who seek to break the cycle of hatred and resentment and unite people across barriers that have historically divided them? (You may wish to refer to the IofC website; its history and stories of individuals who have helped heal conflicts in their countries for ideas)

Visit Programme Webpage for details

Award Provider: Caux Scholars Program

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