Free Online Web Development Courses With Certificates

For those who are interested in web development, there are many free online web development courses with certificates. This is an important motivation as you don’t just get the knowledge but also get a certificate which shows that you have been trained in web development.

There are many programming languages that you can use in web development. You have to decide on what you need to master, that you intend to use for your web development. These courses are like earning a college degree.

Web Development 

Web development refers to the work done to develop a website for the internet or an intranet. It may be developing a single page of plain text or complex web based internet applications such as social network services. A web designer should have a basic understanding of the following HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Web Development Courses

Web development is easy to get into and the easiest way to start is to enrol in a free online course for web developers. Learning web development is not as difficult as it sounds. 

Free Online Courses.

There are many reasons to choose a free online course. One is the flexibility which makes it easier to combine with regular work, school and family commitments. The best thing about these courses is that it doesn’t need payment and will still teach you enough to make you proficient if you are consistent. you can read about other online web development courses

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Popular Programming Languages Used in Web Design

There are a number of programming languages that can be used for web design . Here is a list of them:

  1. Java-this is used for m mobile phones, Web and desktop applications.
  2. Javascript-Used for Web applications 
  3. Python – it is used for web and Desktop applications 
  4. C++ ( for Desktop and mobile applications)
  5. C# ( for Desktop and Mobile applications )
  6. PHP ( for Web applications)
  7. Perl ( for Web development)

Free Web Development Courses 

The free online web development courses with certificates that we are going to talk about will cover most of those programming languages. Below are the most popular web development courses that will put you on your way to becoming a great web developer 


Web development technologies offered by freeCodeCamp: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, MongoDB

Free certificate : yes

This is one of the most popular among web designers and we developers. It is one of the best free online courses for teaching web development skills to the masses. they offer helpful videos and the curriculum is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. This course is perfect for those who are completely new to web designing.

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Foundation of Front-end Web development by Udemy

Web development technologies offered: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript and Backbone.js

Free certificate ; yes

This is an excellent course that is offered by Udemy which focuses on building front-end development skills. This course will make you proficient in web designing and offer you a free certificate too. Advanced technologies such as Backbone.js and jQuery are also properly taught.

Modern Web Design by TheGymnasium

Web development technologies taught: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Free certificate; yes

This teaches modern web design to beginners and advanced learners. It takes it time to explain the basics as well as the aesthetics of design which are currently being used by practitioners.

There is a final exam at the end of the course which you will have to take. If you earn up to 80% in the exams then you will be awarded a free certificate.

How To Learn Web Development 

People usually ask about the god ways to learn web development. I will attempt to answer that by offering a list of recommendations 

  • Buy a good introductory course
  • Work on pre-requisites for bootcamps
  • Build a portfolio of work on GitHub
  • begin the work
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The beginners course you should pay for should be one that will explain concepts to the level of a 5 year old. You may have to get the basics before attempting to take online courses as they assume a certain level of prior Knowledge.


Web development is fast becoming a very useful skill as the internet expands . The designers of all the websites you acmes online started Oje day without any Knowledge what the technology they now use was all about . You can also do it if you are consistent and there are free web development courses with certificates that you can take advantage of.