Santa Monica College: Degrees, Tuition and Grants

Santa Monica college is the home of the future. An ocean of possibilities offering tools to inspire its students to redefine themselves.  Santa Monica college popularly called SMC is a leader among the 114 community colleges in Los Angeles . SMC is a two year college that prepare students who ultimately transfer to four-year colleges such as the university of California.


SMC has established itself in cutting edge fields like cloud computing, interactive design and other career focused areas. Santa Monica college has a 25 years unbroken record of transferring the most number of students to university of California system . In 2015 SMC had the honour of being selected  among just fifteen schools to offer a bachelor degree in interactive media. It is one of the leading trainer of man power in California. There is a thriving international student community. It gives you the tools to create your own experience, to be courageous , bold and daring. Santa Monica college is a clash of cultures , rich in knowledge.


Tuition vary slightly between residents of California and non residents . For example , for B.S in interactive design , while California residents pay $130 per unit, non residents pay $419 per unit.

Aside the millions in financial aid, Santa Monica college pride itself as one of the cheapest in the states.

There are many categories of financial aid which students can access , these include;

  • Cal grants
  • Chafee grant
  • California college grant
  • Federal work-study
  • Scholarships
  • loans


SMC offer 180+ degrees and about 1,400 classes  with a robust online presence too.

With a total enrollment totaling above 30,000 and a faculty-student ratio of about 30;1 SMC is not performing poorly . The highest degree that’s conferred is an associate degree .

SMC offer degrees in 20 different fields  in areas like

  • Management
  • marketing
  • humanities etc

The school has a graduation rate of about 30% and a transfer-out rate of about 18%


It is exciting that SMC has many options when it comes to accommodation though  the school doesn’t offer on campus lodge most students easily find a place at an affordable cost.


Santa Monica college is strongly woven into the life of its local community . For a student who wants to reach out and make a difference, the schools offers him the opportunity through many of its programs designed to enrich the lives of both the students and the locals.

The school is a very responsible citizens and offer some programs to enrich both the lives of students and the community ;

  • Art performances
  • free public lectures
  • Free adult education classes

Art performances

The iconic broad stage often hots many productions , art exhibitions and students events  either free or paid which serves to enrich the community spirit.

Free public lectures

There is a lecture series to which the entire community is invited . This serves to share knowledge .

Free adult education

special  courses are offered free to the adult members of the community .


To apply to SMC you are expected to submit an online application. Before you do that there are some Information you need to keep handy  such as your social security number , phone number , academic  qualifications and date obtained  and then you have to upload the necessary documents. Remember to indicate the semester you are registering for.

is support for International  students  to help them with visa applications . There are also counselling  for international students , guaranteed housing.


Santa Monica college is among the very best community colleges in California , a tradition they have maintained for about 25 years now. The school is large , modern and in tune with the times.

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  1. I am interested in having a master degree in management in SMC and hope to get more information on the requirement for one to get admitted. I am from Nigeria and a graduate, looking forward to hear from you.

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