Shoreline Community College Canvas and Tuition

Shoreline Community College is founded in 1964 and located in Seattle, Washington a public college renowned for providing quality education and helping students achieve the dreams. The community college ranks as #5 in community colleges in Washington and offers more than 100 professional, technical and workforce training degree and certificates.

Most of the courses takes just two years to complete. The community college has international students enrolled from over 45 countries. Over 140 scholarships are awarded annually, as well as over $14.4 million in financial aid.

Some popular programs include liberal arts and sciences, manufacturing engineering technology, automotive mechanics, music and child development. Some of its popular Alumnus includes; Bob Hasegawa, A member of the Washington Senate, John Lovick a member of the Washington House of Senate.

Shoreline is a strikingly beautiful campus and it is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery in America. Seattle is considered one of the most growing states in America and houses major first-class companies such as Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft and Starbucks.

Shoreline Community College Canvas

To make education accessible to its student, there is the provision of e-Learning Services on the college’s canvas. e-Learning Services ensures that students make use of technology in the classroom.  Students can login via SCC website, Input a correct username and password to proceed.

Why Consider Shoreline Community College?

Apart from the apparent benefits of community college stated in this write-up, shoreline community college should top your list if you’re considering studying in a community college in Washington. Apart from ranking #5 on top community colleges in Washington, Shoreline Community College has the added benefits;

  1. It has an easy transfer pathway: The university transfer pathway is very popular and easy, with over 90 programs that includes majors such as business economics, engineering, computer science etc. shoreline graduates who earn associate degree is equivalent to the first two years in the community. It follows that graduates of Shoreline Community College has just two years to earn a bachelor degree in any college or university of their choice which includes but not limited to top universities in the US such as University of Washington, UC Berkeley, Boston University, University of Minnesota, University of Michigan and so on.
  2. It has a high acceptance with a rating of 100%, Shoreline becomes a home for every high school graduate who wishes to enroll in a community college.
  3. Professional and technical programs, with over 150 courses offered by the university, about 50 of these courses are can earn a shoreline graduate an associate of applied arts and science degree. These programs are designed to prepare students work in specific fields
  4. Admission doesn’t require TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT: Another appeal about shoreline community college is that candidate do not require any of these rigorous exams. However, during orientation program, students will take an English placement test to determine their proficiency in English language.
  5. Low cost; like most community colleges that operate with low tuition, shoreline is not exempted. The cost to attend shoreline for one academic year (9 months) is approximately $19,232 comprising of tuition, books and fees for $10,335 and living expenses of $8,898
  6. Other attraction of this community college is low housing, fun and engaging student activities, beautiful campus and safe environment., located in Seattle which is a vibrant booming city, no religious affiliation and small class size
  7. Scholarship and financial aid program are also available to students
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Shoreline Community College tuition

The 2020 undergraduate tuition & fees of Shoreline Community College are $3,981 for Washington residents and $6,744 for out of State students. There is also availability of scholarship and financial aid.

Shoreline Community College Jobs

There are available positions at Shoreline Community College. They include:

Administrative Assistant / Customer Service

Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach

Classified Staff – Instructional & Classroom Support Technician 1 (Automotive)

Classified Staff – Program Specialist 3 (Workforce Education)

Computer Science Instructor (Pro-Rata, 67% of full-time load) Internal Only New

Hourly (Temporary) Campus Security Officer

Hourly (Temporary) Disability Service Aide – Student Accessibility Services

Hourly (Temporary) Disability Services Aide / Job Coach

Click Here for more information on these positions.

Shoreline High school Completion Program

Admission is also available for students who are eligible for high school completion programs. More information can be gotten from the school official website

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Admission is also available for international students that wish to their high school diploma. This is done by taking dual-credit course. That is courses that will earn the student a high school diploma and their associate degree at the same time. This will take an average of 2 years to complete depending on the student’s Math and English abilities. This is subject to some conditions such as:

  • 16 years of age
  • Strong academic standing
  • Completed the equivalent of US 9th grade
  • A submission of an English proficiency exam is necessary if a candidate has taken one. However, a student might be required to take an English placement exam to determine classes that will be suitable for their English and Math level skills. Students placed in higher programs after their test may begin taking college classes in combination their ESL classes.

Requirements for application into the College of shorline

  • Candidates must be high school graduates and must have earned a General Education Development (GED)
  • Candidates must be at least 16 years of age

How to apply for Shoreline Community College

Shoreline community college maintains enrollment policy for students who are high school graduates, application can be made by filling the online form available in the school website.  Note that shoreline community college is not authorized to accept students located in Colorado into the Health Information Technology curriculum.

The application form found in the school website, when filled can be submitted by fax to 206-546-4611, by mail to or or in person. If a student opts to submit in person, the community college is located in 16101 Greenwood Avenue N. Shoreline, WA 98133-5696. The school is open on Monday- Thursday, 8am-5pm and on Friday. 8am-4:30pm

Payment of $50 application fee and an optional $35 expenses mail fee which can be paid through the secure online form, check payable to shoreline community college, money order or bank draft or cash which must be paid in person.

International student has the option of either filling the online or paper application and must fill in the relevant information and provide financial certification that he/she is able to pay for tuition.

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Transcript- international students are also required to provide academic records and send it via mail to

Financial documents: Shoreline College has to ensure that applicants can afford its tuition. Hence applicants must submit a bank letter or statement issued within the last 6 months showing that there is a minimum of $19,335 to fund your tuition and living expenses for at least a year.

Proof of English language proficiency is optional.

Shoreline Scholarship

All new F-1 full-time students applying to Shoreline Community College for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter admission will automatically be considered for $500 and $1000 individual scholarships.  To receive full consideration for the scholarship, your application must be received no later than 2 months before the International Student Orientation start date.

  • Applicant must have been accepted to Shoreline Community College as an F-1 student
  • Applicant must enroll full time (minimum of 12 credits) to receive the scholarship
  • Applicant must not have previously attended any college in the United States
  • Transfer students from another college or university are not eligible
  • The Scholarship is a non-renewable, one-time award and will be applied directly to your first quarter’s tuition

Shoreline Community College Calendar

Spring Quarter 2020:

  • Outside US – March 1, 2020
  • Inside US – March 25, 2020

Summer Quarter 2020:

  • Outside US- June 1, 2020
  • Inside US-June 24, 2020

Fall Quarter 2020

  • Outside US- August 15, 2020
  • Inside US- September 10, 2020

Winter Quarter 2021

  • Outside US- December 1, 2020
  • Inside US- December 23, 2020

Where is Shoreline Community College

Shoreline Community College is located at 16101 Greenwood Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133, United States


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