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In order to attract the best and brightest PhD students, the University seeks to offer not only unparalleled research facilities and supervision, but also to provide development opportunities which will support our research students as they progress beyond their PhD, through an innovative programme which will include career-development activity and possibly some paid employment.

This exciting scholarship scheme provides a valuable opportunity for postgraduate research students to undertake a package of training and development which will help them to develop the necessary skills required to meet their career choices and offer them a breadth of development opportunities.

There are two career development tracks for scholars to choose from:

Worth of Award
  • Each Enlightenment Scholarship will cover full tuition fees, a living cost award, equivalent to the current UK research council rates and subject to satisfactory progress the scholarship are awarded for up to 4 years for full-time PhD study, pro-rata for part-time study. 



The awards are open to UK, EU and overseas students applying to an eligible PhD programme commencing their research degree in the between August 2018 and December 2018 of the 2018-2019 academic session.

Eligible participating Schools and criteria:

School of Biological Sciences: Full-time or part time study on the following eligible programmes will be considered:

  • PhD Cell and Molecular Biology (Cell Biology)
  • PhD Cell and Molecular Biology (Plant Sciences)
  • PhD Evolutionary Biology, Immunology and Infection Research (Evolutionary Biology)
  • PhD Evolutionary Biology, Immunology and Infection Research (Immunology and Infection Research)
  • PhD Quantitative Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • PhD Stem Cell Research
School of Geosciences: Full-time study only on the teaching developmental track will be considered on the following eligible programme:
PhD Geology and Geophysics
School of Informatics: The full-time study only within the following programmes with be considered:

PhD Informatics: ANC: Machine Learning, Computational Neuroscience, Computational Biology

  • PhD Informatics: ICSA: Comp. Architecture, Compilation & System Software, Networks & Communication
  • PhD Informatics: LFCS: Foundations of Computer Science, Databases, Software & Systems Modelling
  • PhD Informatics: CISA: Automated Reasoning, Agents, Data-Intensive Research, Knowledge Management
  • PhD Informatics: IPAB: Robotics, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Animation
  • PhD Informatics: ILCC: Language Processing, Speech Technology, Information Retrieval, Cognition

School of Mathematics: Full-time or part time study on the teaching developmental track will be considered on the following eligible programme:

  • PhD Mathematics Education (programme information will be available online shortly)
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies : Full-time or part time study on the following eligible programmes will be considered:
  • PhD Clinical Veterinary Sciences
  • PhD Developmental Biology
  • PhD Genetics and Genomics
  • PhD Infection and Immunity
How to Apply
  • For both tracks, student selection and admission processes will include appraisal of a personal statement and the applicant’s suitability for their proposed career development routes.
  • Eligible applicants should complete an online scholarship application

Deadline: Applications close on 1st February 2018.

Click here for more details and to apply

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