Columbia University Scholarships-From Internal & External Sources

Columbia University scholarships refers to the financial aid opportunities available to students of Columbia university both from internal and external sources. Many universities see it as a duty to make effort to keep their students in school and thus expand opportunities to a better life for those who can afford it and those who can’t.

Columbia University Scholarship program

 Scholarships, grants and fellowship are considered gift aids because they do not have to be paid back. The sources not scholarships, grants and fellowship can be the government, private agencies, individuals and cooperations. Scholarships and grants at Columbia university are numerous. The University works hard to attract more grants and also set asides fund each year to provide financial aid to students.

The role of the scholarships is to remove financial barrier to access to the high quality education offered at Columbia university.

Scholarships and grant available at Columbia university are grouped under the following headings;

Interschool fellowships

outside awards

Interschool scholarships. 

In your search for opportunities it is always god to begin at home. Interschool scholarships refers to institutional aid which is awarded and managed by Columbia University as a central entity or managed independently by the various schools of Columbia University. The aid that is managed centrally is what is referred to as the interschool fellowship.

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The interschool fellowships are need-based and are open to all the students of Columbia University irrespective of their schools or colleges within the university. These awards are usually in the range of $1000-$5,000 and are disbursed twice-at the end of there fall semester and the beginning of the spring semester.

How to apply

To apply students have to contact the financial aids office in their school or college  and submit all necessary documents. Visit the interschool fellowship page.

The Selection Process

The financial will compile the names of those who need the award and send to the University office for financial aid for review and within two months the students are notified 

Columbia University Scholarship For Displaced students

This scholarship provides full tuition, housing and living expenses to displaced students applying to attend  Columbia b university. The scholarship provides such students such a asylum seekers and refugees the opportunity to attend school at Columbia university. It is for foreign  students with  refugee status living anywhere in the world or who have been received in US. You can apply via the Columbia University displaced  students website

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Clifford and Siegfried Upton Scholarship

This scholarship is specially for the benefit of the children, step children and adopted children of the employees of Boston-based Houghton-Mifflin company, it subsidiaries and successor companies. The Scholarship is need based, the minimum amount is $1,000 and it increasing by need. Both graduates and undergraduates are eligible.

George W. Ellis Fellowship

The George. W. Ellis fellowship is for graduate students who are residents of Vermont or who graduated for any of the accredited colleges or schools in Vermont. The applicants are to provide a copy of their driver’s license, tax clearance etc to prove that they are residents of Vermont.

Paul Nichoplas Scholarship 

This Scholarship if for both males and females who have attended college in Greece. It is for undergraduates and graduate students.

Vladimir and Olga Poder Fund

This a fund set aside to support Estonia-speaking students at Columbia University. The fellowship comes with a maximum cash price of $2,000 which is awarded annually and its available to both graduates and undergraduates.

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Outside Awards

These are grants from outside agencies. Some sources of these grants are employers, unions, professional organisations and special interest groups. Below is list of some of the outside awards available to students of Columbia University.

Thumtack School-to-skill Scholarship 

To obtain. Ore information about this scholarship please visit the thumbtack website 

Gates Millennium Scholar

The aim of this scholarship is to promote academic excellence , reduce barriers and provide opportunities . Read more about the Gates millennial scholar

Bell labs graduate research fellowship 

This scholarship provides research opportunities. More information about bell labs can be obtained online.


Columbia  university scholarship provides many opportunities  for present and future  students of Columbia University to find the financial assistance to carry on with their studies . It seeks to reduce financial barriers to the attainment of status.