7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship For Nigerians

7UP Harvard business school scholarship  was set up by the 7UP bottling company plc of Nigeria to contribute to the manpower development in the area of business administration. The scholarship was set up in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the company in the country. The company wishes to provide a better future for Nigeria and this is a show of that commitment.


The scholarship is offered to MBA students who have secured a place to study at the prestigious Harvard business school 

The Worth Of The Scholarship

The value of the scholarship is huge. It covers for the following ;

  • Feeding for 2 years 
  • A flight ticket to the United States of America to begin the scholarship .
  • Return ticket from the United States.
  • Accommodation fees for the two years duration.

– The company is fully responsible for your upkeep for the entire duration of the program as they pick all bills related to living expenses .

7up Harvard business school  scholarship for Nigerian students 

 The opportunity which is provided to Nigerians attend  Harvard business school each year by the 7up bottling company is commendable .

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7Up Harvard Business  School Undergraduate Scholarship 

The 7up bottling company award a scholarship to one Nigerian candidate each year to attend Harvard business school .

 of available scholarship positions

One one position is available each year.

Past Winners

A few people have had the honour of receiving the scholarship , they include;

  1. Ulunma Izejiobi- HBS winner 2018
  2. Ahmed Alimi- HBS winner 2017


-The scholarship is open to only Nigerians who have successfully gotten admission into a two year MBA program at Harvard business school .

– It is only open to Nigerians who are living in the country.

How The Selection Process Goes

  • Once a candidate has gotten admission into Harvard business school he is expected to send a copy of the admission letter to the 7UP bottling company plc.
  • All candidates who submit their admission letter to the company will be called for multiple rounds of intensive interviews  by the company executives and the purpose of the interview is to determine their suitability for the company vision for the scholarship .
  • Seven up company only assesses candidates after they have gotten admission into the Harvard business school and the student is responsible for applying to Harvard business school and securing a place .
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How To Apply For The Scholarship

  • The first step is to apply for admission into Harvard business school and secure it.
  • Obtain a letter of admission for a full-time MBA program at the school.
  • With your admission letter secured , email the electronic copies of your admission letter to hbsscholarship@sevenup.org
  • You will be contacted by the company.

It is advised that candidates apply early to the Harvard business school as the later rounds are more competitive . This isn to improve the candidate’s chances of getting a place.

you can learn more about 7up scholarship at this page

Some Advantage Of Submitting An Application Early To Harvard

  • International candidates are expected to take English proficiency tests and you will have the time to practise and ace it.
  • In case you are required to complete some course work prior to enrolment , you can use the time to do so.
  • There are fellowships you can pursue having obtained an admission , you can use the time before enrolment to complete them.
  • You can start applying for financial aid as you have more time on your hands.
  • Getting admission early makes it easier to get assigned a residence as these are given on lottery basis. The deadline for application for accommodation comes before the third round of application.
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The 7UP Harvard business Scholarship is a great chance for MBA students who have gotten admission into Harvard business school to carry on with their education . The Nigerian seven up bottling company plc gives this generous offer to one Nigerian student each year. The scholarship covers; tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation and flight ticket. Only candidates who have secured admission into Harvard  business school can apply .