Great News About Big Sun Scholarship

The big sun scholarship is committed to helping students-athletes complete their studies. The Scholarship provides support and encouragement to athletes to finish their academic programs irrespective of the sport they play. It also encourages fair play, teamwork and helping the athletes stay healthy.

Bigsun Scholarship 

There are many scholarship opportunities for students but very few are specifically  for students athletes except  the ones given by universities  to attract  top talents for talent sake. The big sun scholarship is a scholarship that breaks from the norm. It is a means to encourage young athletes to keep pursuing  their academic program so they won’t just focus on the sport they play and the program is very easy to apply for. All one needs to do is to write a shirt essay and the winners will be announced shortly after.

Levels that are Eligible 

The scholarship is opened to athlete s who are high school seniors or college students whop play any type of sport. The Scholarship is very simple in format as the only thing the athletes need to ado is send an email with the answers  to certain 

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The Host Organization

The big sun scholarship is organized and implemented by the Sun Athletic organization whose interest is in supporting athletes to one the best they can be.

Big Sun Athletic Scholarship 

The  big sun athletic scholarship program is open to all athletes irrespective of their country of origin. The big sun  athletic organization believes in every single athlete and are committed to help these talented group of person . They strive to see the athlete as a whole person and not just in relation to the sport he or she plays.

Worth Of The Scholarship 

$500 will be given to each winner.

Who Is Eligible for The Big Sun Scholarship 

Every athlete who is a high school senior or university undergraduate is eligible irrespective of the sport he or she plays or the country they come from.

How To Apply

 The process is very simple . All that is expected from an interest athletes is for him to send a short text with about 500-1000 words to answer the following questions . The application is essay based as all candidates must write an essay I’m response to the questions below .

  • how did your participation in sport during your high school year influence you?
  • Has participation on sports influenced your career goals?
  • Has your participation in sports influenced how you relate to your family.
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All the essays should  be sent to

Add your name in the writ-up and also the name of the school you are visiting.

The essay should be submitted to the email address provided above. Th winner will often be contacted within 2 weeks after the deadline has leaped and the name of the winner will be posted on the scholarship website. The award is also received 2 weeks after the application deadline.

you can learn more about big sun scholarships from the official website 

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Big Sun Scholarship 2020 Application Deadline

All applications must be received before the end of the 19th of June 2020

2019 Winner

The big sun Scholarship of 2019 was won by Rebekah MC-Combs who will be attending Hannibal-Le-grange University to study  physical therapy.


The big sun athletic scholarship is a program designed to remind athletes, especially young ones of the need to take their academics seriously . The scholarship provides a support  of $500 to everyone  who is successful in the brief essay. The sort or country of origin of the athlete does not matter. Each year many young athletes win the award and proceed to pursue their studies in their schools of choice.