Highlights Of Google Doodle India 2019

Many people love doodling like most people do then Google offers the opportunity to doodle your way to fame. Google doodle India  2019 provided such a chance to thousands of children in India to shine. 

Doodle For Google 2019

 The theme for the 2019 edition of the popular Google competition is interesting . Nits is “when I grow up,I hope…” the participants were required to portray their hope for the future through their doodle. The winner of the competition will have his or her work converted to an interactive doodle on Google and would be awarded a scholarship and cash prizes.

Google Doodle Competition

The tech giant announced the competition for 2019 and invited students to compete as part of the year’s celebration of children’s day.

 contestants can use a variety if materials-clay, graphic design or even food to create doodle tech must have the letters ‘G-O-O-G-L-E’ as part 

Google Doodle

Google doodle is a unique , temporary alteration of the google logo one the google homepage which is meant to commemorate holidays , events ,people , achievements and notable historical events.

Doodle For google

Doodle for google is an annual competition that holds in differ countries which invites children to create a Google doodle to be featured on the local doodle homepage.

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The contest is not open to everyone but just in classes 1- 10 only and they have to be Indians.


The entries must be submitted before  10pm (IST) on September 30th 2019. And the doodle must have the letters ‘G-O-O-G-L-E’ writes on it.


The winner of the competition  will go home with a college scholarship worth Rs 5 lakh, a technology  package worth Rs 2 lakh for their schoolmarm non profit organisation  and will appear on google India homepage.

How To Apply

Google doodle India 2019 has many attractive perks and many people would love to apply for so how do you apply.  That is very simple it is just by following the simple steps;

  • you download and print an entry form to begin.
  • You are to doodle on the entry form. Feel free to doodle on the top of the entry form using any coloring material of your choice.
  • Write a description of the work on the form.
  • Fill in every other required information  and submit the entry form.
  • Submit your doodle online and register for the competition.
  • -Students are also free to just upload their work to contest website  as a .jpg or .png or send them to the office via courier.
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Judging Criteria

The jury of guest judges include some of the biggest illustrators like Neha Sharma, whoo is also known as Neha doodle,  Prajaka Koli AKA Mostlysane who is one of the biggest YouTube in India and Rajiv Chikala the CEO of Green Gold animation and creator of the animated character Chhota Bheem. The team will be judging the works based on the following criteria

  1. Artistic merit, this assess the artistic skills of the creator.
  2. Creatively ; the ability of the entry to represent the theme of the competition, use of the letters in google logo and a unique approach of the doodle.
  3. Theme communication ; this is how well the contest theme is expressed in the work and the writer statement .
  4. There entries will be divided into 5 groups and judged
  • Classes 1-2
  • Classes 3-4
  • Classes 5-6
  • Classes 7-8
  • Classes 9-10

Disqualification Criteria

There are some practices that may get a work disqualified , they include ;

  • Submission of works that are not original. Also, doodles that contain copyrighted materials and logos or popular  characters  from movies be disqualified.
  • Each student is expected to send in only one application.
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There is more information about Google doodle India 2019


The judges will choose the top 4 entries for the google doodle I India 2019 contest, 4 from each group making total of 20 finalists. The work of the finalists will be displayed on an online gallery  on the doodle google website .

The public will then be invited to vote for their favourite doodle from the 20 finalists and through this, the group winners will emerge . To get the national winner all the votes will be cumulated and the prize goes to the contestant with the highest score.


Google doodle India 2019 was launched  with idea of encouraging creativity among children in India.