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The Google Internship usually lasts for 8-12 weeks and involves 1-2 weeks of deep-diving and understanding the ecosystem, 1-2 weeks of granular problem definition, and the remaining 4-6 weeks of solution recommendation. Seasoned engineers mentor interns in Google throughout the internship. Students can apply for the Software Engineering internship or the MBA internships.

How to Apply

Visit the google internship page and upload an updated CV or resume and a current unofficial or official transcript in English.

Upload your resume in the “Resume Section:” and your official transcript in English in the “Education Section:”

Under the “Degree Status,” select “Now attending” to upload a transcript.

Google Fall Internship

For some reason, the Google summer internship program is the largest one. But applications are accepted all year round. Use Google Careers to find the position you want, then submit your application.

Google Winter Internship

Applications for Google Internship are accepted throughout the year. Use Google Careers to find the position you want, then submit your application.

Google Freshman Internship

The google internships is open to freshmen in college in the relevant field.

Google Internships Summer 2020

Google Summer Internship 2020 is open for students currently enrolled in Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. degree programs. The duration of the Google summer internship program is 8-12 weeks between April – July 2020. Interns will be paid a maximum of $6000 and a minimum of $3000 stipend. The Google Internship is open to International students

Google BOLD Internship

Google BOLD stands for Google Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development (BOLD). The Internship Program is a paid summer internship for undergraduate that are interested in working at Google. The program was specifically designed underrepresented students in the STEM field.

Students from all schools and students who identify with a historically underrepresented group in the technology industry, including but not limited to Black, Hispanic, Native American, students with disabilities, and veterans are encouraged to apply for the Google BOLD Internship. At the end of the BOLD internship, interns will be considered for a full-time role at Google. Visit the  Google BOLD page to apply.

Google STEP Internship

Google’s STEP internship is for first and second-year undergraduate students with a passion for computer science. The internship will last for 12-weeks with a focus on giving opportunities to students from groups historically underrepresented in tech. Interns will have the chance to work on a software project with other interns and full-time employees at Google. It will also provide the chance to bridge the gap between academic understanding and practical professional experience.

Applicants for Google’s STEP internship is must be a first-year or second-year undergraduate student currently seeking a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related technical field at a university in North America. Applicants are also expected to have experience in programming language and authorization to work in the United States. The Google Step internship is a full-time 12-week internship and will last from May 2020 to August 2020 or June 2020 to September 2020.

Google Software Engineering Internship

The Google Software Engineering internships are available throughout the globe to undergraduate and graduate/Ph.D. students. The Google Software Engineering Internship position is open in Zürich, Switzerland; Munich, Germany; Dublin, Ireland; London, UK. To qualify for this role, applicants must be currently enrolled in a Ph. D. degree in Computer Science or a related technical field with experience in programming languages.

Applicants must be available to work full-time for a minimum of 13 weeks. Interns will connect, explore, and interact with information and one another. As a Software Engineer, interns will work on a specific project critical to Google’s needs. At the end of the internship, interns will be well versed and enthusiastic in taking on new problems

Google Research Internship

The position of a research intern is currently available in all parts of the globe like Paris, France, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Israel, etc. To be qualified for this role, applicants must be currently enrolled in a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or a related technical field with experience on programming languages

Google MBA Internships

Google MBA internships are offered throughout the globe, and interns can put their education to use on day one. To apply for the Google MBA internship, students must be currently enrolled in an MBA program with specific requirements tied to the internship location, and applications open in September and October.

Google Business Internships

The Google business internships are for undergraduate and graduate students. Positions for google business internships are all over the world, and as such, applicants should have the authorization to work outside the united states.

Google Marketing Internship

There is no open position currently for a marketing intern at Google. You can explore the intern page for other options.

Google Mechanical Engineer Internship

The position for Student Training in Engineering Program, STEP 2020 is available on Google. Applicants must be currently in their first or second year of a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or a related technical field with experience in a programming language. The internship will last for 12 weeks from 6th July to 25th September 2020 and, at the end of the internship, must return to a full-time Bachelor’s degree for a minimum of two years after completing the Summer 2020 internship. Students who are underrepresented in the engineering and tech industry are encouraged to apply for this position.

Google Data Science Internship

the position for a Data Scientist is available at Google in Mountain View, California. Applicants for this position must have a Ph.D. degree in Statistics, Biostatistics, Operations Research, Physics, Economics, Applied Mathematics, or similar quantitative discipline or equivalent practical experience and Authorization to legally work in the United States.

Google Internships Acceptance Rate

Based on a Business Insider article, the internship acceptance rate is about 3.75%. In 2014, out of 40,000 applicants, 27,000 applicants were interview, and 2,000 offers were accepted.

Google Internship Salary

At Google, software engineering interns are paid $9,000 flat stipend along with an hourly pay that varies between $43 to $70 depending on locations and other factors. Other perks that come with interning at Google includes free backpacks, unlimited free transportation, unlimited free food, free massages, free sleep pods, free volleyball/basketball/tennis courts, free gyms, free swimming pools, free days at amusement parks, arrow war, hamster ball races, etc.

Google Internship Questions

Google generally does two interviews over the phone but does in-person interviews at select schools. Both are basic whiteboard interviews. For the freshman/first-year interviews, the questions are much easier as they cater to the freshman programming level.

For software engineering candidates, more difficult questions are asked, like in technical areas of expertise, including tools or programming languages and general knowledge on topics like data structures and algorithms.

When Does Google Start Internship Intervies?

Successful candidates are invited for interviews after their application is reviewed. Phone interview and face to face interviews are conducted after application.

Google Headquarters Address

google headquarters is located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California, United States.

About Google

Google has gradually turned into a household name. Google LLC is a United States-based multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products, including online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware

Google Careers

Some available positions in Google are

Software engineering, Design, Sales

Enterprise Sales Specialist, G Suite (English, Swedish)

Incident Manager, Play and Android Abuse Operations

Web Solutions Engineer, YouTube

Head of Revenue Acceleration Program, Google Cloud in Dublin, Ireland, and London

Technical Specialist, Data Analytics, Google Cloud

Visit  Google job page for more info.