Mitsui Bussan Scholarship Program – Apply Now!

The Mitsui Bussan Scholarship program was created in Tokyo, Japan, in 1992 as a non-profit foundation with the primary objective of encouraging and assisting Indonesian students who wish to study at Japan universities for a bachelor’s degree. The scholarship program was established so that the scholarship recipient will be familiar with Japan’s culture and customs. The recipients of the scholarship program are expected to return to Indonesia after their course study and implement their acquired knowledge. Although they are not under any obligation to return to their home country after completion of their Bachelor’s degree.

Eligibility Criteria for the Mitsui Bussan Scholarship Program

  • Only citizens of the Republic of Indonesia are eligible for this scholarship
  • Applicants must not be above 20 years of age as of April 1st, 2020, and unmarried.
  • Recipients of the scholarship must remain unmarried during the duration of the award.
  • Applicants must have completed Senior High School of IPA or IPS course with marks of at least (80) or higher on their school records for the following subjects,
    • For the IPA course: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English.
    • For the IPS course: Economics, Mathematics, Geography, and English.
  • Note that graduates from Vocational schools are not entitled to apply for this program scholarship.
  • Applicants must be willing to receive education at a university in Japan in the Japanese language.
  • Applicants are expected to be healthy, both mentally and physically, and have no contagious diseases.

Eligible Course of study.

The award can only be granted to students who intend to study these courses at a Japan University:

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Sciences and Engineering courses (4-years under-graduate course) like:

Physics, Chemistry, Information & Computer Science, Mathematics, Biophysics & Biochemistry, Geology, Biology, etc.

Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Engineering, Urban Engineering, etc.

Precision Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc.

Aeronautics, Ship Building & Ocean Engineering, etc.

 Electronics, Information & Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering.

 Materials Science, Metallurgy, etc.

 Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, etc.

Plant Management, Industrial Engineering, Factory & Production Management, etc.

Agricultural Engineering, Forest & Fishery Science, Agricultural Chemistry, Agrobiology, Food Engineering, etc.

Social Sciences, Business and Commerce courses (4-years under-graduate course) such as;

Political Science, Civil Law, Public Law, etc.

Economic Theory, Economic History, Economic Policy, etc.

Enterprise Management, Accounting, Commerce & Marketing, Finance, Insurance, Industrial Relations, Econometrics, International Economics, etc.

Courses like Medical science, Pharmaceutical science, and Veterinary Science are exempted due to the duration. (undergraduate courses above 4 years duration are exempted)

How to apply for the Mitsui Bussan Scholarship Program

  • Fill in the application form on the Mitsui Bussan website.
  • A unique registration number is sent to each applicant after filling the application form via email provided in the application form.
  • Attach the documents to the application package:
  • A photocopy of the application form after filling in necessary data on the website indicating the applicant’s registration number
  • 2 copies of passport photograph (4 cm x 3 cm) taken within the past 6 months.
  • A copy of all certified school records for all terms and semesters
  • A photocopy of the result for the National Examination for Secondary education (Ujian Nasional)
  • A copy of a recommendation letter by the principal of the applicant’s senior high school in the English language
  • Package this documents in an envelope (Registration number of each applicant should be indicated clearly in typewriting or clear handwriting on the face the envelope) and submit to the program office:
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at c/o Kampus Universitas Darma Persada (UNSADA)

Jl.  Radin Inten II (Terusan Casablanca), Pondok Kelapa,

Jakarta Timur 13450, Indonesia

Telephone: (021) 8647373

Facsimile: (021) 86900241

(Note that envelopes without the registration number are not accepted. Applications with any form of deficiency are also rejected.)

Eligible Applicants would receive an invitation to take a written examination at a particular time. They will be required to submit additional documents such as a copy of a high school diploma, a copy of identification card or Student Card, a Letter of agreement signed by parents or guardians in English, Certificate of TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, JLPT.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Living Allowance at the sum of 145,000 Japanese yen per month would be given to each recipient throughout the scholarship duration.
  • Transportation Allowance to include transportation fare from Indonesia to Japan at the start of the course and transportation from Japan to Indonesia after the undergraduate course.
  • Arrival Allowance at the sum of 50,000 Japanese yen would be given to each grantee upon arrival in Japan.
  • Full tuition and other educational-related expenses like the cost of textbooks necessary for the curriculum at the Japanese Language Center and universities in Japan approved by the Program shall be covered by the Program.
  • Accommodations: An Accommodation allowance of 25,000 Japanese yen per month is awarded to the recipient. Recipients shall reside at university dormitories, private boarding houses, or apartment houses, any of which shall be approved by the Program.
  • The Program shall prepare life insurance, aviation insurance, and accident insurance for the recipient during the Scholarship duration.
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What is not covered by the scholarship?

  • the recipient shall bear health insurance cost in Japan
  • The grantees shall bear meals, local transportation charges, and other expenses.

Scholarship Duration -the scholarship lasts for five years and six months (5.5 years) from October 2020 until March 2026, i.e.

Japanese language study: 1.5 years

University study: 4.0 years


The Program can withdraw all the benefit of the scholarship and request that the recipient is returned to Indonesia in the following circumstances:

  • If the Program discovers that the recipient made any false statement in his/her applications
  • Any article of the grantee’s pledge to the Program is violated
  • The grantee faces difficulty in the continuation of his/her studies due to health reasons.
  • If the recipient violates rules and regulations of the Japanese University
  • If the grantee performs poorly academically at the Japan University.

Application deadline: February 21st, 2020.