Free Online Leadership Courses To Make You an Exemplary Leader

Taking a leadership course is extremely important. In today’s world, challenges can arise at any time, and to be an effective leader, you need to be able to respond to those challenges with intelligence, strategy, and expertise. Leadership training courses help build self-confidence and wisdom, giving you the necessary tool to succeed. the Free Online Leadership Courses  provided in this article will go a long way in honing your leadership skills

You might be discouraged due to the high cost associated with taking a leadership course. This article will provide you with a free online leadership course that will leave you with printable leadership qualities.

What Is Leadership?

What Is Leadership Free Online Leadership Courses To Make You an Exemplary Leader

Leadership is defined as having the capacity to influence and guide others. A leader’s role in any company is to guide his team or any other member of the organization. If an individual demonstrates any of these attributes in a business, he can easily climb to senior management or C-level roles.

The word “leadership” has different meanings and might bring various images to mind like a political leader or a company executive officer. Leaders are seen as people who help themselves and others to do the right things. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new. A leader must have management skills to guide their people in the right direction, smoothly and efficiently.

Importance of Leadership

Leadership is critical to the success of any business or organization. A leader works with his team to ensure that the organization’s resources are directed for increased efficiency and that goals are met on schedule.

An effective leader constantly gives direction. Similarly, a team cannot remain focused and determined in the absence of a competent leader.

Top 5 Leadership Skills

Below are the required top 5 leadership skills:

  • Leaders must be able to act and think strategically.
  • Another talent that corporations look for in leaders is innovation.
  • A good communicator is essential for a leader.
  • A leader must also be able to tackle real-world challenges in real time.
  • Finally, a leader must have a team player attitude.

Leadership and Management

Leadership and management usually go hand in hand. It is essential to understand that leadership is an integral part of active management. All leadership courses stress the importance of building an environment in which each employee develops and excels. The free course listed out in this article will not only integrate leadership skills but management skills.

Business Leadership

Business leadership has proven effective for a deep understanding of the organization; the people who run it; the context in which it operates, and perhaps most importantly, self-insight. EDx offers a micro master’s program in business leadership. Students will learn the strengths and weaknesses of various leadership styles and improve their ability to lead complex modern organizations. The course will last for 11 months and requires 8 – 10 hours per week. The course cost $1,059.30

How to Be A Great Leader

While it can be argued that being a leader comes naturally with attributes like courage, clarity, charisma, humility, etc. being the topmost qualities required of a leader. Leaders must take some leadership training to improve these attributes. Being a good leader isn’t easy. While a leader’s actions may be examined when things are going bad, it is their leadership qualities that shine through the worst periods. These articles provide some free online leadership courses that will go a long way in improving pre-existing leadership skills.

Free Online Leadership Courses with Printable Certificates

Free Online Leadership Courses with printable certificates

Some online learning platforms like Alison, Udemy, Coursera, and so on offer free leadership courses. For instance, a great leadership course on Alison is termed “What Great Leaders Do” in this course, you will learn leadership.

Here are top leadership courses with printable certificates:

1. Harvard University: Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles

Participants in this introductory-level, four-week course provided by Harvard University explore leadership methods in a changing society. Ronald Heifetz, creator of the Center for Public Leadership and senior lecturer in public leadership at the Harvard Kennedy institution, a world-renowned leadership and public policy institution, teaches Exercising Leadership:

Recognizing and managing complex difficulties, comprehending authority, recognizing stakeholder viewpoints, relationship building, and dealing with conflict are among themes covered in the course. The self-paced course necessitates around two to three hours of effort every week.

2. Northwestern University: High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation

Through self-assessments, participants in Northwestern University’s free online course High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation learn more about their leadership style. This subject is part of the school’s Organizational Leadership Specialization, which also includes courses in leadership communication, social impact, and marketing and design leadership.

The first course in the specialty is High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation, which takes roughly 14 hours to complete. Every other Monday, recurring course sessions are offered.

3. University of Washington: Speaking to Inspire: Ceremonial and Motivational Speeches

Public speaking skills are essential for “all professionals in all fields who aspire to leadership, as the ability to influence others is a crucial part of leadership

To assist professionals learn how to plan and give excellent speeches, the University of Washington provides a free online course called Speaking to Inspire: Ceremonial and Motivational Speeches. This introductory course covers narrative skills, suitable tone, and speaking delivery. It takes roughly 16 hours to complete, and students will record speeches as well as provide and get comments on the presentations of their peers.

4. Georgetown University: Ethical Decision-Making: Cultural and Environmental Impact

Understanding the ethics underlying key decision making is one of the cornerstones of developing good leadership. Participants in Georgetown University’s Ethical Decision-Making: Cultural and Environmental Impact learn about the ethical problems that worldwide businesses face today.

This introductory-level course explores deceptive marketing and teaches students how to evaluate potential limits. The course is taught by John Kline, a Georgetown professor of international business diplomacy, and it takes roughly 9 weeks to finish at three to five hours each week.

5. Stanford University: Organizational Analysis

This introductory-level course offered by Stanford University teaches learners about several theories of organizational behavior and transformation. Case studies on a range of organizations, including school systems, governments, technological businesses, and universities, are included in the Organizational Analysis course.

Students will have a deeper understanding of the issues that companies confront and how to forecast measures that will bring these organizations back on track for success. Daniel A. McFarland, a professor of education, sociology, and organizational behavior, offers the 10-week course, which involves around two hours of work per week. Participants take an exam at the end of the course.

6. Indiana University: Developing Your Personal Leadership Style

While academics have prescribed numerous leadership styles or classes into which a variety of leaders fall, everyone nonetheless possesses specific leadership characteristics that distinguish them. Participants in Developing Your Personal Leadership Style can concentrate on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and values.

The course, taught by three Indiana University business school professors, also emphasizes communication and people management skills. The self-paced course takes four weeks to complete and involves a weekly commitment of two to three hours. Students will be introduced to tools that will allow them to assess their own leadership style.

7. MIT: Practical Leadership

According to the Practical Leadership course curriculum, “leadership is the ability to influence a group of people toward a goal.” Students learn about their own leadership talents through coaching and criticism from other students in this course sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Readings, role plays, experiential activities, and journaling are all part of the course materials. The self-paced course covers leadership concepts, communication, situational leadership, influencing others, and decision making.

8. University of California—Irvine: Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution

In today’s global economy, intercultural communication is becoming increasingly crucial to learn. The International communicating and Conflict Resolution course at the University of California—Irvine teaches participants about stereotyping, generalizing, and communicating as it applies to global conflicts.

Students learn about cultural differences and how to assess intercultural encounters. The five-hour course is part of the school’s Conflict Management Specialization, which also involves two additional courses and a capstone project.

9. EDx Free Online Leadership Courses

EDx offers a series of free online leadership courses. These courses will enhance the qualities and skills required to be a successful, effective, and charismatic leader. Examples of leadership courses offered by EDx are Inclusive Leadership Adaptive Leadership in Development, Leadership for Engineers, and so on.

These courses offered on edX can help build on your leadership skills and help you towards becoming someone who demonstrates effective leadership.

10. Harvard Leadership Program

Harvard Business school also provides some online leadership classes. Having in mind that most companies lookout for visionary leaders who can help build the company. The Program for Leadership Development prepares incoming executives to become more effective influencers who can contribute to corporate success on a higher level.

The leadership development program improves your decision-making and expands your understanding of business operations and the global marketplace. Entry into the program does not require formal educational requirements; admission into the program is based on professional achievement and organizational responsibilities.

List of leadership certifications and courses

List of leadership certifications and courses Free Online Leadership Courses with printable certificates

There are myriad of leadership certifications and courses available for you. These courses will equip with the basics of being a good leader and most importantly, you can take them online

Here are 12 leadership certifications and courses available in the United States and around the world:

1. Professional Project Management Certification

The Project Management Institute offers this certification program for industry professionals with three to five years of prior experience in business or a similar area. It enables industry experts to learn about project management concepts and theories, as well as new tools and technology that may improve project advancement and build an orderly schedule for completion.

2. Leadership and Management Certificate Program

The University of Pennsylvania offers a month-long certification program that can be completed part-time. It is intended to assist executives and other organizational leaders in discovering new leadership tactics and terminology that are more employee-friendly. It also looks at efficient approaches to reorganize an organization in order to improve production and communication.

3. Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management

This credential can be obtained by enrolling in a 40-week program given by the University of Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business to individuals who are already in positions of leadership. It is intended to assist participants understand their own leadership styles and how to apply them in their respective work situations. This certification program also teaches participants how to maintain positive working connections with their staff.

4. Leadership Essentials

This Cornell University online certification program provides participants with a three-month program focused on fundamental components of leadership, time management skills, team development, hiring tactics, and other factors that can contribute to a better understanding of effective leadership practices in the workplace.

5. Certificate in Organizational Leadership

The University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business offers this full-time certification program to people with varied degrees of business expertise. It is available to recently graduated professionals or individuals with industry experience who are either in a leadership capacity now or plan to be in the future. It discusses business tools and approaches that can assist individuals in positions of leadership in running a successful firm.

6. Organizational Design: Leading Organizations in the Digital Age

Individuals must finish the online curriculum before attending a three-day lecture series on campus in Vienna, Austria. Wharton University Executive Academy and Vienna University of Economics and Business both provide it. This certification program’s topics focus around the notion of agility and how you may strive to establish a fast-paced and motivated mindset for your company’s everyday duties.

7. Business Management

This University of Queensland course is designed for industry professionals who want to advance to leadership positions in the future. This is an online course that provides learners with information on a variety of leadership themes. Leadership styles, team-building, decision-making, workplace productivity, and external forces that may trigger changes to your company model are examples of these.

8. Leadership and Ethics: Moral Leadership in Personal Practice

Harvard University offers this online course. It allows individuals to learn at their own speed over the course of six weeks. It focuses on public policy, political science, leadership, and governance. Participants will learn about the opinions that society has of persons in positions of leadership and how such ‘heroic’ beliefs can have a detrimental influence on corporate executives’ decision-making.

9. Think Like a Leader

If you do not want to attend a college or university, this online course with Brian Tracey is a fantastic choice. It is available to everyone who want to develop their leadership abilities in both their personal and professional life. This Udemy course teaches learners how to create manageable business objectives. It also teaches participants how to motivate their colleagues, build positive working connections, and ensure that the company’s mission is preserved.

10. Foundations of Everyday Leadership

This course is designed for those who have recently entered the job and want to seek leadership roles in their area. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers it. This course will teach you how to weigh challenging business decisions, inspire team members, manage small teams of professionals, and make collective decisions.

Leadership Training Programs

the American Management Association offers some leadership training programs. These programs and seminars will help you develop good leadership qualities that are essential for career and organizational success. These courses and workshops will help you fulfill your potential through practical leadership skills training in team building, strategic planning, decision making, and more.

The Center for Creative Leadership also offers some outstanding leadership programs and seminars.

Online Management Courses

Future Learn provides some online management courses designed to upskill you for work in rapidly-growing industries, without the time and cost commitment of a full degree. These courses can be providing certification at the end of the course and even goes as far as offering credit to use towards a degree.

Leadership Training Programs for Managers

Platforms like offers a free online management course that covers topics such as “How to Be a Great Manager through Leadership,” “How to Organize and Manage Your Department to Meet Goals,” “How to Hire and Retain the Right People,” “How to Deal With Conflict, Problems, Difficult Employees, and Firing,” and “How to Get Your Point Across Through the Art of Business Communications.” Each topic has sub-points and a quiz at the end of each section.

Coursera also offers managers leadership skills that will help you understand personal leadership style and interpersonal skill set.

Open Learn has a series of Leadership and Management courses that are all available online and free.

Leadership Training Topics

Some top Leadership Topics for Managers are Delegation & empowerment, Conflict resolution, Change management. Micromanaging, collaboration, and self-development, and so on.

Conclusion: Free Online Leadership Courses To Make You an Exemplary Leader

This courses outlined in this post provides managers with the tools and strategies they need to manage and oversee team members successfully. Delegating work, setting expectations, providing feedback and dealing with disagreements. If you are looking at taking leadership positions in your workplace, these courses will definitely be beneficial.

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