Best Info About Sonoma State University

Sonoma state university is an academically sound and intellectually robust training ground for the movers and shakers of tomorrow’s society. SSU pride itself as home to thousands of students who are set to make a difference in their world. It is a home that’s just waiting for you. It is a hub for innovation and a gathering ground for community . It is the very best a student can ask for as the faculty will teach you to think and to question. The student experience is super amazing .


SSU is a public school in California, small and warm. Strong in liberal arts and science with lectures given by a dedicated faculty. The classes  are research based. It offers access to education  without compromising quality  and has thus earned a reputation for a strong commitment to excellence . Since Sonoma state university  came into being in 1960 it has not looked back but has only gotten better .


SSU has an incredibly supportive alumni who are always there to guide the new students . There are more than 65,000 alumnus and their bond is very strong .

Faculty And Staff

Sonoma state university values academics and puts the students first , so they have put together a world class faculty and staff to help these young ones .

  • there are 606 faculty members 
  • There are 899 staff  which includes management staff.
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SSU library

The school library is a beautiful, modern holding about 670,000 volumes . 

The periodicals are constantly updated to provide the latest  information .

The services offered by the library include;

  • Instructions.
  • Research assistance .
  • Great study spaces .
  • Computing resources .

Students can also access the library online where about 160 databases are at their disposal .


There are many things that attract students to SSU, some of which are the awards and the great name SSU has made which includes ;

  • Best nursing school in California.

This position was from about 126 ranked .

  • #8 Best counselling program in California.

 SSU has a very sound counselling program that has attractive to students because of its high value and rating.

  • #1 Best college dorm in America 

  Sonoma state university makes it a point of duty to give students the best and this include a comfortable place to live. Students of SSU are always proud to show off their dorm rooms on social media .

  • #12 best college for transfer.
  • #19 top public school.

Getting Into Sonoma State University.

SSU is where to begin your journey into a world of possibilities . It’s where the future begins and it begins with applying .

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Sonoma state university operates a rolling system with the following deadlines ;

Fall 2020 admissions , available on the application portal on the school website . You are expected to start accepting your admission by June 1st.

You are also expected to pay for the dorm right about this point but if you don’t yet the. Money you can defer payment until later.


This is the platform  that student use to track  their admission and other activities such as applying for financial aid and updating personal data. If you already have your login details just login and begin.

SSU Portal

This is the online place for staff and students to connect with the school and carry out some activities they can do online . immediately you arrive at the portal younger promoted for your username and password .

Sonoma Login

 You do require  your seawolf account to login into the student portal and you can get the login details by using the online services PIN master.

Campus Life

SSU is not only warm but diverse, there is a bit of everything . From athletics to cultural activities and multiple clubs and groups . It’s an interesting place to grow into an adult, among young ambitious people of many backgrounds and future aspirations . In this mix of everything there’s no prejudice or discrimination.

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Sonoma State

Life in Sonoma is idyllic but academically challenging . The campus is a beautiful expanse of land in the heart of wine country, California . It is the great location for an established  training that SSU offers. The training  in leadership  and rigorous academic work needs a safe, serene and airy campus like that which SSU has. The experience  here is palpable .


 The Sonoma state university brings innovative higher education closer to the people  in a delightful modern campus with resources that makes for the proper development of all students .