Can you get a full scholarship to Harvard?

Can you get a full scholarship to Harvard?

Harvard is one of the most prestigious universities in the World and has ranked #2 in the edition of Best Colleges in the World. Imagine how excited you will be if you gained admission to study at this prestigious university. It might be a bit saddening if you can afford Harvard Tuition. Can you get a full scholarship to Harvard? The answer to this question is a big YES! This article will tell you how exactly how to go about it.

How Can You Get A Full Scholarship to Harvard?

Yes. You can get a full scholarship to study at Harvard University. The university is offering fully funded scholarships to both domestic and international students. Harvard offers international scholarships to increase its diversity. Over the years, many international students have received Harvard University scholarships and became very prosperous after they have graduated.

Harvard Scholarships

The Harvard Committee on General Scholarships is responsible for administering appropriate financial aid, scholarship, and fellowship programs that support Harvard University graduate and undergraduate students.

To apply for scholarships

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