Scholarship Program At Maastricht, benefits and requirements.

Scholarship program at Maastricht makes provision for about  24 full scholarships with each amounting to about 29,000 Euros that covers tuition fees and other expenses . The scholarship is given out every single academic year to very talented students who are not European citizens who have been admitted to a masters program at the university of Maastricht. Scholarship program at Maastricht has open the door for international  students  to explore opportunities .

maastricht scholarship for international students

Maastricht University is one of the 13 new universities opened in Holland. It is well positioned for learning and research and has a number of scholarships for international students each year. One of them is the high potential  scholarship where 24 full scholarships are opened to international students who are pursuing their masters program at the university of Maastricht. The scholarship is worth about  29,000 euros per year . You can more Information about this from the university  website .

maastricht university masters program

The University of Maastricht has always attracted the best to it masters programs , some of which are not offered anywhere else in Holland . To make it easier  for students to afford their masters education  at Maastricht University , there are a lot of scholarships to encourage them . Here is a list of them

  1. Fullbright/Maastricht University Award.
  2. UFL Elisabeth Strouven scholarship
  3. UM Holland-High potential scholarship
  4. Orang Tulip scholarship
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application deadline for the scholarship

All applications must be received before midnight , February 1,2020 central European time.

funding for the scholarships

The high number of scholarship positions are made possible by the funding provided by the Maastricht scholarship fund and the Dutch ministry of education ,Culture and Science which partners with Dutch universities of applied sciences and universities. The partnership is aimed at attracting highly successful non EU students who may wish to come to the Netherlands to obtain a masters degree .

how long does the scholarship program last.

  • The one year masters program last for 13 months.
  • The two year masters program takes 25 months.


The scholarship program at Maastricht is one of those which provides the greatest support to international students. The scholarship fund pays for

  • Living expenses , 12,350 euros for the 13 months program and 23,750 for the 25 months program.
  • Health and liability insurance, 700 Euros
  • Visa application costs, 171 Euros.
  • Tuition fees, 13,800 Euros, 15,500 Euros or 16,800 Euros depending on the tuition fees for the study program.
  • Pre- academic training cost, 695 Euros.

maastricht university scholarship application form

The procedures can be completed in a few steps:

Step 1: The applicant has to first register for one of the eligible masters program at the university of Maastricht and the application submitted via studilink. Once this is done the student will receive a student ID number will be needed to complete the scholarship application .

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  • That only the applicants who applied  for the masters programs which are listed as eligible programs for the scholarship will be considered.
  • Though candidates can apply  for a place in the masters program the same time they apply for a scholarship but the scholarship can only be awarded if you are offered admission into the master program.

Step 2.  After applying for the masters program at the university of Maastricht, proceed to fill the scholarship application form and upload the following document s with must be in doc, docx or pdf formats.

You cannot save your application halfway , once you begin you will have to complete  the process and submit so ensure that all your documents  and referees are handy.

Documents to be submitted

Curriculum Vitae. Your CV should  be up-to-date and should reflect your education , job experience and should not be longer that 2 A4 papers.

Letter of motivation; the letter should be tailored to match the scholarship and thus directly talk about your motivations for applying to the university of Maastricht. Those that don’t address the subject matter will be rejected and the letter should not be longer than 1 A4 paper. Put up a strong argument why the scholarship is important to you and why you deserve to be considered.

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proof of academic excellence . You may upload University transcript  or  later signed by  head of your institution or registerer stating that you are one of the top 20 students  in the graduating year, the letter should contain their contact details.

Contact detail of one of your referee.

To confirm the authenticity of your referee the school will contact him, so you are needed to say his or her connections to you ( don’t use family members), their telephone numbers and work email are needed.

Step 3 you will contact the referees and ask them to submit their reference letters to

It should be done before the scholarship application deadline.


The scholarship program at the university of Maastricht is one of the most generous scholarship programs in Europe that seeks to support international students coming to study in Netherlands.