NTU India Connect Research Internship Programme – Apply Here

Are you interested in gaining practical knowledge through internships? The NTU India Connect Research Internship Programme Currently ongoing. The NTU India Connect Research Internship Programme is a university-wide short-term research programme that lasts for 2 to 6 months.

The program’s primary objective is to assist undergraduate and graduate students from Indian universities to pursue their research interests at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU). Interns will work under the strict supervision of NTU faculty and develop a keen research interest and expertise in a given research field.

NTU Singapore Internship

The NTU India Connect internship program will take place at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The internship programme is a paid internship valid for the duration of the programme at the university. the opportunity is available to both International and Indian students

NTU Summer Internship

The NTU India Connect Internship program for the summer session will last from 10th May 2021 – 9th July 2021. The date for the internship period is fixed and has to be strictly followed.

About Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

The Technological is a famous University known as a world-class university with a global reputation that attracts world-acclaimed professors, researchers, and scholars both locally and internationally. The university currently ranks among one of the best universities in the world and the best Asian University.

NTU Acceptance Rate

NTU’s acceptance rate is approximated to be 35%. You might get in if you are a good student with a good GPA, but you need more than that to be sure.

NTU India Connect Research Internship Programme – Eligibility

The  NTU India Connect Research Internship Programme is open to Pre-final year graduates/undergraduates who have not studied in NTU previously.  For students pursuing a 4-year bachelor’s degree, they must be at the end of their third year.  Students in a 2-year master’s program must be at the end of their first year while students seeking a 5-years dual degree course (BSC & MSC) must be at the end of their 4th year.

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Applicants must possess excellent academic track records.

Applicants must be students pursuing his / her studies in an Indian University / Institute of higher learning upon the period of his / her NTU India Connect Research Internship Programme

Students that meet the minimum requirement with scholarships, publication, and internship experiences will be given preference. ​​

All international students must obtain a valid TEP issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to participate in the NTU India Connect Research Internship Programme.

Apply for the NTU India Connect Research Internship Programme

Students who are eligible for the NTU India Connect Research Internship Programme can apply for the internship using the NTU Online Application System. Note that any other form of submission would not be accepted.​

Students are urged to go through the information provided in the application form before submitting the online application. Note that you cannot make any changes to the online application once it has been sent.

Upload the necessary documents to the application form. Note that if any required document is not submitted or submitted in the wrong way, your application will not be assessed.

Students are required to pay one semester’s Miscellaneous fees during their internship period at NTU.

Students are required to provide THREE Research Titles that he/she would like to apply for and the NTU Supervisor whom he/she wishes to work with. The list of supervisors is available on the NTU Connect India internship website.

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Students will be referred to suggested faculty for their consent and, if agreed internship offer will be made.

After applying, applicants are issued application numbers, which will serve as a reference for tracking application status.

Please use Internet Explorer to submit your application.

For more information, email at indiaconnect@ntu.edu.sg

Required documents for the NTU India Connect Research Internship Programme

2 Academic Referee Letters

2 Recommendation Letters

Official transcripts

Visa/passport details

Training Employment Pass (TEP)

Research proposal

Benefits of the NTU India Connect Research Internship Programme

One-time travel support


Monthly Stipends

Reimbursement of miscellaneous fees such as Training Employment Pass (TEP) Application, TEP issuance & Visa fee, Matriculation Card, IT Facilities Fee, Registration Fee, University Copyright Fee and Group Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance (GHSI) Scheme with the final financial allowance pay-out.

Students will also receive a certificate issued by NTU-India Connect office upon completion of the programme.

Students will experience multicultural living, gain a network of friends, and a better understanding of Singapore.

NTU Application Deadline

Deadline for the application of the NTU Connect India Internship programme comes in batches

For students applying for the 2021 internship:

For a 5-month internship from 4th January – 4th June application period is from 1st August – 10th September

For 2-month internship from 10th May – 9th July application period is from 1st November – 31st December

For 5-month internship from 3rd August – 31st December application period is from 1st February – 31st March 2021

Summer research fellowship programme 2020

The summer research fellowship programme 2020 is offered by the three national Science Academies in India to allow teachers and students to work with reputable scientists. The Summer Fellowship will last for two months. Applications are accepted from students and teachers from all educational institutions connected to UGC/AICTE/MCI/Accredited Institutions of State Universities for these Fellowships.

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Summer Internship in India For Undergraduates

Some internship positions available for undergraduates in India are:

Business Development Manager Intern in Pune

Deep Learning Using TensorFlow and Keras in Python in Pune

Content Development Intern

MTech Internship

Media and Public Relations

Sales and Marketing Associate

Student Ambassador

Visit the Letsintern Webpage for more information on these paid internships.

Foreign Internships for Indian Engineering Students

So here are the top 11 foreign internships for Indian students:

Melbourne School of Engineering, University of Melbourne offers 1-3 months internships for Indian students in the fields of Engineering, Basic Sciences, Design, Arts.

McGeorge Fellowships and Honorary Fellowships offer 1-3 months internship for Indian students in the field of Arts, Music, Architecture, Conservation, Literature, Creative writing, Language, History, Philosophy, and Anthropology. The internship will cover Travel fare, accommodation, and living expenses.

USC Summer Internships in the fields of Natural language processing, machine learning, statistical modeling, machine translation, automata, and other areas

American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) Communication Internship

Charles Wallace India Trust Visiting Fellowship is available to Indian nationals and resides in India when the application is submitted.

Google MBA Internship is available to international students. It is a paid internship.