Microsoft internship for College and High School Students

Microsoft Internship is available to both college students and graduates. The internship offers interns the opportunity to learn, grow, and fully immerse themselves in Microsoft’s diverse community. Microsoft offers intern benefits designed to personalize their experience to their maximum satisfaction, and also interns are provided competitive salaries, relocation benefits, and many other amazing perks!

How to Get an Internship at Microsoft?

To be considered for an internship in Microsoft, applicants need to be enrolled as full-time majoring in a relevant field and should be returning to university/college for at least a term, semester or quarter after the internship.

Internship opportunities vary depending on education level and/or location. Internship positions are offered in the following field:


Hardware Engineering

UX Design

Supply Chain

Data and Applied Science

IT Operations





This article will provide you with some internship positions available in Microsoft. These internship positions are open to students around the globe with fresh ideas, perspectives, and passion. Visit the Microsoft Internship Application page to apply. 

Microsoft Explore Internship

Explore Microsoft Internship is specially designed for first- and second-year college students majoring in a technical field—like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering. The internship lasts for 12-weeks and is rotational, allowing interns to gain full experience in different software engineering roles. After the internship, students must have garnered hands-on experience with various tools and programming languages in Engineering.

Microsoft Internship Summer 2020

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Microsoft will be hosting a virtual internship for the health and safety of its employees, interns, and their families. The Microsoft internship has hosted the Microsoft internship summer for more than 30 years and welcomed students from around the globe as part of the summer internship program. For the 2020 session, Microsoft is hosting more than 4,000 students, making it one of the largest and most diverse internship classes in Microsoft’s history.

Interns will be set up for a remote experience that will provide them with professional development opportunities and meaningful connections. Microsoft has the infrastructure and support needed to deliver a world-class remote internship program through onboarding tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365, and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft summer internship can be deferred to next year for some individuals who may be unable to participate in the virtual internship.

Microsoft Fall Internship

Microsoft Fall internships are open to those candidates who are current students in Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, Ph.D. programs. Microsoft interns receive competitive pay, relocation benefits, and many other amazing perks. The internship is a full-time

Microsoft Application

First, check the qualification application of the job that interests you in the Microsoft career page. If you are qualified for the job, you will be required to create a Microsoft account before applying for the job. Also, make sure you have a working permit if the job is outside your country.

Microsoft Software Engineer Internship

there is currently an Internship Opportunity for Students in Security Software Engineer. To apply for this position, applicants must be currently pursuing a bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree in engineering and computer science with at least 3 semesters remaining to graduation. Applicants must also have the needed experience in a programming language, understanding algorithms, data structures, and other systems architecture factors. Demonstrated skill in time management and completing software projects in a cooperative team environment is an added advantage for applicants. The position is available in Israel; thus, applicants must be ready to travel. Visit the Microsoft Internship Application page to apply.

Microsoft Undergraduate Internship

Most of the internship positions are open to undergraduates pursuing a bachelor’s degree in an accredited university or college. Internship positions for undergraduates are available in engineering, UX Design, Supply Chain, Data and Applied Science, IT Operations, Finance, and so on.

Microsoft Legal Internship

Microsoft is inviting applicants who are first-year law students pursuing a JD from an ABA-accredited law school. Legal interns will have a broad range of responsibilities from across the department, which may include researching legal issues impacting business strategy, drafting transactional documents, attending client meetings and product reviews, and collaborating with internal teams on cross-group

Microsoft Finance Internship

The position of a financial analyst intern is currently available in Microsoft. This position is open to individuals looking forward to a career in finance. The program is known for producing some of Microsoft’s top full-time finance professionals and last for 12 weeks. The internship position is highly practical, and interns will apply classroom theory to the test by working on real business issues embedded in the company.

To be considered for this position, you need to be enrolled as a student with at least one semester/quarter remaining after the internship. Applicants must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business (seeking with at least one semester/quarter remaining after internship).  Applicants must demonstrate analytical and problem-solving skills.

Microsoft Data Science Internship

Microsoft is currently offering an internship program in Data Science. The opportunities are available for students who have a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Applied Sciences like Biostatistics, Physics, Chemistry, Computational Neurology, etc quant-focused fields with at least one semester/quarter remaining after the internship. As an intern at Microsoft, you will get the freedom and the reach to help make a difference in the world.

Microsoft Marketing Internship

there is currently an Internship opportunity for students in the Business & Marketing field. To be qualified for this role, you must be pursuing a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in Marketing, Communication, or other business-related areas with a passion for technology and negotiation skills. Applicants must be Fluent English and local language knowledge with full unrestricted authorization to work in Switzerland. Interns will work in a team and coordinate with external agencies to create and adjust marketing materials. Applicants should upload their CV in English to be considered for the role.

Microsoft MBA Internship

Microsoft is offering Intern Opportunities for MBA Students. The application is open for those students who are currently pursuing a bachelor’s or Master’s in business, communications, or related fields with at least one semester/quarter remaining after the internship. As a Microsoft intern, you will get the opportunity to build and maintain trusted advisor relationships with technical leads at some of America’s largest organizations, including CIOs, CTOs, Enterprise Architects, and IT Directors.

Microsoft Research Internship

Microsoft is currently looking for an experienced and motivated student to research topics related to RF-based sensing, Computer vision, Signal processing, HW sensing platforms. This position for a Research Intern in Data Management, Exploration, and Mining at Microsoft is currently available in Redmond, Washington, United States.

The Research Internships at Microsoft provide a dynamic environment for research careers with a network of world-class research labs led by globally-recognized scientists and engineers. To be qualified for this role, applicants must be currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Computer Science or a related STEM field, and experience in system building is an added advantage. Applicants are also required to submit a minimum of two reference letters for this position.

Microsoft Garage Internship

the Microsoft Summer Garage Internship Program is open for a Software Engineering & Program Management intern in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Garage is an innovative program that allows university students to work with industry leaders and their peers to build apps for the latest Microsoft platforms.

Garage students work in small teams with modern engineering toolsets to develop and ship their work.  Each unit is responsible for an app, starting with product definition, working through design and development, and, if successful, wrapping up with the app’s public launch in the Store.  Coaches and technical leaders from across Microsoft provide guidance and expertise. Applicants for the role of Program Manager intern must be currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, or related field with at least one semester/quarter remaining after internship.

Microsoft High School Internship

The Microsoft High School Internship is open to current senior high school students that live within 50 miles of Redmond, Washington, who have a demonstrated interest in technology. Students must be at least 16 years old and have a legal right to work in the US for the duration of the internship. Applicants should be available to work full-time for 10 consecutive weeks (June 22nd – August 28th, 2020). Go to the Microsoft High school page to apply.

Microsoft Internships Interview Questions

qualified candidates for a role are usually invited for an interview at one of the Microsoft offices. The interview questions typically comprise of simple questions about your resume and then also some issues regarding binary trees and binary search trees. And then a technical question on binary trees

Microsoft Internship Salary

interns at Microsoft are offered competitive salaries and other perks. A Software Development Engineer at Microsoft is paid $7,464 monthly.

Microsoft Careers

The following positions are available at Microsoft:

Director, NPI Hardware Program Management in Redmond, Washington, United States

Business Program Manager, Tools Program Management

Product Marketing Manager Management in Redmond, Washington, United States Marketing

Adoption and Change Management Specialist

Director of Business Management in Redmond, Washington, United States

Engineering Program Manager in Redmond, Washington, United States Engineering

Compliance Analyst, Supplier Management

Software Engineer II_Azure Management Experience in Shanghai, China Engineering

Delivery Management Manager in Beijing, China

Principal Incident Management Lead in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Factory Management Engineer II in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Microsoft Salary

The average Microsoft salary ranges from approximately $34,936 per year for Sales Associate to $168,416 per year for Senior Account Executive. Average Microsoft hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.68 per hour for Game Tester to $59.32 per hour for Full Stack Developer.