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Maulana Azad National Scholarships 2019-2020

Maulana Azad National Scholarships

The Maulana Azad National Scholarships are open, apply now. Each year, the Indian Government’s Ministry of Minority Affairs grants scholarships. Such as Maulana Azad National Fellowship to minority students to complete a Master’s, Ph.D., or post-doctoral level. The definition of minority includes Sikh, Parsi, Muslim, Buddhist, Jain, and Christian communities.

About Maulana Azad Education Foundation

The Foundation was created on the occasion of the celebrations of the centenary of the birth of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Equally, his life full of events has been rich in outstanding achievements in various fields. Also, he was a key figure in the Indian political scene and a scholar was considered high in Urdu literature.

To that, he added decisive roles as a journalist. But his biggest claim to notoriety lies in his contribution as a thinker to the worldview and the humanist vision. A fierce fighter for freedom and a strong defender of secular and democratic values. Maulana Azad deserves to be presented again to the modern generation of Indians.

You can use the Maulana Azad National Fellowship to study in the fields of social sciences, humanities, technology, and engineering. The foundation was founded on the occasion of the centenary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s birth.

His eventful life was packed with outstanding achievements in the diverse fields. He was a towering figure on the Indian political scene and a scholar rated high in the realms of Urdu Literature. If this meets you right, do well to apply for the Maulana Azad Scholarship 2019.

Maulana Azad National Fellowship

Maulana Azad Scholarship, founded under the name of one of the most prominent freedom fighter and first education minister of free India, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad in the year 1989. This foundation is a celebration of the efforts of this great leader whose life was full of amazing achievements in various fields.

Maulana Azad Scholarship foundation is a non-political, non-profit and voluntary organization whose establishment has the sole aim of promoting education among minorities who are backward but good in academics. It is fully funded by the Govt. of India’s ministry, Ministry of Minority Affairs.

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide five-year integrated scholarships, in the form of financial assistance, to students from minority communities. As requested by the central government to continue graduate studies such as Mr. Phil and Doctorate.

The scholarship will cover all universities/institutions recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in accordance with Sections 2 (f) and 3 of the CGU Law and will be implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. minorities through UGC for students belonging to minority communities. The scholarship is awarded to research students who attend regular and full-time courses in Phil and Ph.D courses. The fellows of this scholarship will be known as scholars of the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

All You Need To Know About Maulana Azad Scholarship

The Maulana Azad National Fellowship is open to pursuing Master’s, Ph.D., or post-doctoral degree and varies according to the level of study. For M. Phil – maximum 2 years M. Phil and Ph.D – 5 yearsPh. D – Maximum of 5 years.

Host Nationality

The Maulana Azad Scholarship 2019 is hosted in India.

Eligible Nationality

The Maulana Azad Scholarship is open to only Indian citizens.

Scholarship Worth

Note that the beneficiaries of the students receive for the first two years as JRF ¼ 25,000 per month. Also, if they are promoting them as SRF, they will receive £ 28,000 per month for 3 more years. Amount of the grant

Equallyy, note that the beneficiary students are given ₹25,000 per month for the initial 2 years as JRF. Also, if they are promoting them as the SRF, then they receive ₹28,000 per month for another 3 years.

Fellowship Amount @ Rs.25,000/- p.m. for initial 2 years (JRF)
@ Rs.28,000/- p.m. for remaining time (SRF)
Contingency for Humanities
Social Sciences Contingency
Contingency for Commerce
@ Rs.10, 000/- p.a. for initial 2 years.
@ Rs.20, 500/- p.a. for remaining time
Contingency for Science @ Rs.12, 000/- p.a. for initial 2 years
@ Rs.25, 000/- p.a. for remaining time
Escorts/Reader Assistance @ Rs.2,000/- p.m. in cases of physically and visually challenged candidates

Fellowship amount for all streams – Junior Research fellows receive ₹25,000 and the Senior Research fellows receive ₹ 28,000 on a monthly basis

A contingency fund for the Humanities, Social Science, and Commerce – Students can get an additional amount annually for meeting any contingency requirement related to the studies. For the initial 2 years, they are given ₹10,000 annually and ₹ 20,500 annually for the rest of the 3 years period.

The Contingency Fund for the Science Students

  • The Science students are given ₹12,000 annually for the initial 2 years. Thereafter, they can get ₹25,000 annually for the rest of the 3 years period.
  • The visually and physically challenged students can get the assistance of ₹ 2000 per month for availing the support of the reader or an escort.

Eligibility for the Maulana Azad National Scholarship

Given below are the pre-requisites of Maulana Azad Scholarship, the following students can apply only

(i) Students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Girls or students from minority communities – Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Parsi & Jain notified under Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992.

(ii) The candidate has to submit duly attested and signed by a proper authority, minority community certificate on an actionable and legally valid affidavit, until the State Government/Union Territory administration starts to issue the minority community certificate.

(iii) Candidate must be pursuing a regular/ full-time M.Phil/ Ph.D. courses in University/Academic Institution by fulfilling conditions of admission of that University/Institution.

(iv) The annual income of the beneficiary/parents or guardian of the beneficiary must not exceed Rs. 2.5 lakh from all sources. Candidate should submit his/her income or his/her parent’s/guardian’s income certificate duly signed and issued by the appropriate Authority.

(v) The candidate should have secured a minimum score of 50% at Post Graduate level.

(vi) Scholarship form should be duly attested and signed by concerned School/College.

(vii) Candidate should produce his/her income certificate issued by Tehsildar, Block officer or Notary Public of the concerned area/Block/Dist.

(vi) Transgender candidates are eligible to apply under the scheme. The reservation followed is as per Government of India norms.

How to Apply for Maulana Azad National Scholarships

  • Open a browser and go to the website of Maulana Azad Scholarship http://www.maef.nic.in/
  • Choose the link which says Apply Online or use this link to apply
  • A webpage opens where you have to fill all the necessary details and information regarding yourself.
  • The next requires you to upload the supporting documents for the categories that you have filled in the above step.
  • Click on the Submit button to submit the application form.
  • A registration number is generated which must be noted down for future reference.
  • Take a printout of your scholarship form just for your record in support of submission of the form.

Documents Required for Maulana Azad National Scholarships

  • Annual Income certificate
  • Authentic mark-sheet of class 10th, attested by the school principal.
  • Confirmation by the Head of present School/College
  • Identity Proof with a photograph.
  • Evidence of Religion certificate attested by the Principal of present university/college or educational institute.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Scheme ofMaulana Azad National Scholarships:

Q.1. How can I avail the benefit of MANF?

Ans. A candidate has to fulfill the following conditions to avail the benefit of MANF:-

(i) He/she should belong to one of the minority communities notified under Section 2 (c) of
the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992.
(ii) He/she should get admission and registration for regular and full-time M.Phil/Ph.D
courses in University/Academic Institution by fulfilling conditions of admission of that
University/Institution, subject to provisions of the Fellowship as per advertisement of
(iii) The minority community students once considered eligible for the fellowship shall not be
entitled to benefits under any other source, Central or State Government or any other
body like UGC for the same study.
(iv) Prior clearance of CBSE-NET/ CSIR-NET examination will be a prerequisite for award
of Maulana Azad National Fellowship for minority students for M.Phil/Ph.D.
(v) In order to qualify for the award of JRF/ SRF, the UGC norms would be applicable at pre-M. Phil and pre-Ph.D stage, respectively, including the minimum score of 55% at postgraduate level.

Q.2. What is the duration of the award ship of MANF?

Ans. The duration of the award ship of MANF is subject to Para 6 of MANF Scheme guidelines.

Q.3. What is the selection procedure of MANF?

Ans. UGC is the nodal agency for implementing the Maulana Azad National Fellowship for minority students, as defined by Government of India from time to time.

(i) UGC invites applications for fellowship online once in a year by inserting a suitable advertisement in the Press and other media.
(ii) The total number of fellowships will be 756 for 2017-18 and 1000 for 2018-19 & 2019-
20 (state wise distribution is at Annexure 1). In case of non-availability of an adequate number of candidates, the number of fellowships not availed during a year will be carried forward to the next academic session.
(iii) 30% of the fellowship shall be earmarked for women students; the remaining 70% will be
general. In case there is a shortage of women candidates, the fellowship can be passed on
to male students of the same minority community.
(iv) In case the numbers of candidates exceed the number of available slots, UGC will select
the candidates for the fellowships based on the percentage of marks obtained by them in
the NET exam.
(v) The reservation for differently abled students shall be made as per UGC norms and in a
horizontal manner.
(vi) Scholars will be selected under the Scheme in all domains of knowledge.
(vii) The State/UT-wise selection of Research Scholars would be ensured to the extent

Q.4. What is the Income Ceiling under MANF?

Ans. The income ceiling of the parents/guardian of the candidate for Maulana Azad National Fellowship for minority students will be Rs.6.00 Lakh per annum.

Q.5. For the release of fellowship amount to whom I can make a contact?

Ans. Disbursement of the fellowship amount is taken care by the UGC through Canara Bank which is nodal Bank of this Scheme. The student may contact UGC/Canara Bank or MoMA for any query regarding the release of fellowship.

Q.6. Which communities are covered under the Scheme?

Ans. Minority communities i.e. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, and Zoroastrians (Parsis) notified under Section 2 (C) of NCM Act, 1992 are covered under the Scheme of MANF.

Q.7. Which courses are covered under Maulana Azad Scholarships?

Ans. MANF only covers regular M. Phil and Ph. D courses.

Q.8. What are the rates of fellowship?

Ans. The rate of fellowship for JRF and SRF will be at par with the UGC fellowship as amended from time to time. Presently these rates are as follows:


  • @ Rs.25,000/- p.m. for initial two years (JRF)
  • @ Rs.28,000/- p.m. for remaining tenure (SRF) (Revised w.e.f. 01.12.2014)

Contingency for Arts & Commerce

  • @ Rs.10, 000/- p.a. for the initial two years
  • @ Rs.20, 500/- p.a. for remaining three years.
Contingency for Sciences, Engineering & Technology

  • @ Rs.12, 000/- p.a. for the initial two years
  • @ Rs.25, 000/- p.a. for remaining three years.

Departmental assistance

  • @ Rs.3,000/- p.a. per student to the host institution for providing infrastructure

Escorts/Reader Assistance

  • @Rs.2,000/- p.m. in cases of physically and visually challenged candidate

Latest Maulana Azad Education Foundation

Grant-in-Aid Schemes

In 1989-1990, the Foundation is launching the Grant-in-Aid Scheme scholarship program. Its main objective is to assist NGOs to develop the infrastructure of the institutions they administer. The Grant-in-Aid Scheme of the Foundation’s scholarship program is very popular.

Also, the Foundation has helped more than 1,500 institutions since its inception throughout the country. Equally, has approved more than 200,000 rupees under the program.

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Begum Hazrat Mahal National Scholarship Scheme for Minorities Girls

The “Begum Hazrat Mahal National Scholarships” program for Girl students from minority communities. Was previously known as the “Maulana Azad National Scholarship” Scheme. It was launched by the Foundation during the 2003-2004 academic year. The main objective of this program is to provide financial assistance to girls who deserve to belong to national minorities, who can not continue their studies due to lack of financial support.

The Foundation’s Scholarship Scheme is very popular and its sanctions fee increases every year. To date, the Foundation has helped 3.89.838 girls with Rs. 392.75 crore since its inception throughout the country. The objective of this program is to recognize, promote and help deserved girls belonging to national minorities who can not continue their studies without financial support.

Eligibility Criteria / Who can apply
  • Only female students belonging to six minority communities are eligible, namely Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, and Parsis.
  • The scholarship will be awarded to minority girls who study in grades 9-12. And have obtained at least 50% of the grades or a grade equivalent to the total in the previous class.
  • The annual income of parents/guardians from all sources does not exceed Rs 2.00 lakh.
  • Students must present the income certificate of the parent/guardian. Which sholud be issued by the competent authority declared by the state government / UT administration.

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Gharib Nawaz Skill Development Training for Minorities

The MAEF is launching the new program Gharib Nawaz Skills Development Training. So that the courses of development of skills oriented to employment can be offered in the short term to the minority. In order to allow them a job based on skills.

The general body of the MAEF is approving this program. This program will be implemented in accordance with the common standards of the Ministry of Development of Skills and Entrepreneurship (MSD & E) through the Program Delivery Agencies (PIA). The MAEF has assigned a goal of 1,066,600 beneficiaries to 108 IAPs from 31 states.

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