Learn About Build America Visa

President trump came into power with he promise to bring sweeping reforms to the US immigration policies. One of his proposals is the Build America Visa which may one day replace the American green card if all things go according to plan. The plan is very ambitious  and if accepted , it will bring in profound changes to how applications for permanent residentship are granted in US.

Trump’s Immigration Plans

There are many details that have not yet come out about the build America visa proposal which will guide you into making decisions concerning your application for the permission to stay and work in the US permanently. But what is expected is that most students may not be able to still work and study  while in the US on student visa and staying back to work after completing your studies may even be harder, if the proposal has been accepted.

What Are The Employment Opportunities Currently Available To students With F1 Visa

One hurdle is that you cannot do business in the US  with an F1 visa. You are free to set up your business but you can’t receive a salary or revenues. As for work, it is only possible through the Optional Practical Training (OPT) which insist that the work has to be within the area of the student major, one can work up to 12 months before and  after graduation with an F1 visa. What we knows that build America visa will change all that.

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Immigration Process

The US immigration system makes provision for US citizens or lawful permanent citizens residing in US to file form 1-130, petition for alien relative with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) the process can be carried out electronically or through paper which is then mailed. The process will be different  with build America visa. you can read more about the build America Visa

The immigration visa process is as follows;

Step 1; Submit a petition.

The US immigration system makes provision for US citizens or lawful permanent citizens residing in US to file form 1-130, for visitors to the US. Your immigration application must be approved by the USCIS before your application can proceed.

Step 2; NVC processing 

NVC stands for national visa centre, which is where your file is sent to after approval by USCIS. The centre has the responsibility of pre-processing. After the case has been recorded a welcome email is sent to you giving you the details with which to log into the consular electronic application system to check your status.

Step3; Pay required fees.

After receiving your NVC welcome letter you are expected to pay the processing fees. Which are

  1. Immigrant visa application fee
  2. affidavit of support fee

you can’t pay these two fees simultaneously  

Step 4; Affidavit of Support.

An affidavit of support of form I-864 is a document which a person signs to accept financial responsibility for the applicant who is coming to the united states. A joint sponsorship may be acceptable if one single sponsor doesn’t have enough funds.

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Step 5; Financial documents.

After the affidavit of support has been sign, the sponsor is to send in evidence of their finance and other supporting documents

Step 6; Online application 

After your fees have been paid and your status at CEAC updated ,you and each qualified family member will then register online and complete the Application For Immigration Visa and Alien Registration( form  DS-260). To apply click ‘start now’. After submitting the form, print the confirmation page and bring it to the interview.

Step 7; Civil documents.

After filling the form D-260, the applicant and family are then to collect all the documents needed to support the application . All documents must be issued by the official issuing authorities and must be in English or be accompanied by certified translations Including statements signed by the translator.

Step 8; Scan documents 

After gathering all the needed documents younger to scan and save them. Unless to do so, do not email documents.

Step 9; submit documents

You have to login into your CEAC account and upload all documents and submit.

Step 10; Interview Preparation

Once your interview date has been scheduled, you sent a notification informing young the time and date, after receiving an interview letter do the following before the interview date;

  • you are to schedule a complete medical check up with an embassy approved physician in your country. You are also to complete all required vaccinations before the interview date, the result of the medical exam may be sent directly to the embassy or given to you in a sealed envelope.
  • You may be needed to present a completed public charge questionnaire  on your interview day.
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Step 11; Applicant interview 

Ensured you have followed the interview preparation guidlines, go to the interview  with a printed D-260 form and you will be interviewed to know if you are eligible for a US visa. Your fingerprint will b taken as part of the interview process.

Step 12; After the interview 

After the interview you are advised not to sell your house , car or resign from your job or non refundable flight arrangements until you have received your visa.


Build America visa is a new immigration policy proposal by the trumps administration to usher in a new set of immigration rules