International Graduate Scholarship At Jesus College-application details and deadlines

There are many graduate scholarships at Jesus college, Cambridge University . Candidates who are looking for funding opportunities as international students  to pursue their postgraduate degrees in the United Kingdom are to note that there is a call for applications  for postgraduate placement at Jesus college at Cambridge university. The scholarships are for UK, EU citizens and international students  who want to b begin their postgraduate studies at Cambridge university .

jesus  college 

Jesus college is an old college in Cambridge University which was founded between 1496 and 1516 on the site of the 12th century Bennedictine nunnery of St Mary and St Radegund. 

jesus college cambridge 

 Jesus college is one of the major colleges in the university  of Cambridge. It is known as Jesus college because of its  chapel which is called Jesus chapel . It is one of the most iconic  colleges and has a long list of illustrious alumni .

where can the scholarship  be taken

The scholarship is only tenable at Jesus college in Cambridge University .

what is the application deadline

All applications must be sent on or before the 24th of March 2020.

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The course must be taken in English and so the application  form must also be filled in English and transcripts that are not in English must be translated to English.

who is eligible to apply 

The international graduate scholarship at Jesus college in Cambridge University demands that all applicants meet the following criteria before they can be considered for the scholarship ;

  • Candidates can come from the UK, EU and any other country overseas.
  • The scholarship is not available for all courses. A candidate must be seeking to pursue his or her masters or PhD program in any of the acceptable courses. The acceptable list of courses  or subjects include; Humanities or Social sciences, History or Historical studies ( for masters program).
  • Acceptable courses for a PhD program includes ; Physical science , Engineering or mathematics 
  • All candidates must first have applied to for a place for a masters or PhD program at Cambridge University , UK before the deadline and must have received an offer of an admission in their desired program before applying for the international graduate scholarship .
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how to apply for the scholarship 

 An interested  candidate must have obtained admission into Cambridge University for a master of PhD program before applying for the scholarship . 

There are three types of scholarship awards available. The three scholarships available are ;

  1. The Albert Goh and Elizabeth Coupe scholarship.
  2. The Gurnee Hart Scholarship.
  3. The Embiricos Trust scholarship.

To apply for the awards candidates are required to 

  • Complete an application form which can be assessed via Cambridge University website .
  • Submit the application form with a CV, official transcripts and rent academic references . All documents must be sent as email to the address below

you can apply here.

admission requirements

For a candidate to apply to the Cambridge university for admission into a masters or PhD program, he or she must possess the following ;

  • An undergraduate degree for a masters program.
  • A masters degree for a PhD program.

Language requirements 

For candidates who do not have English as their first language, there must be a demonstrable English language proficiency which should be assessed via TOEFL or IELTS tests.

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benefits of the scholarship

Beside the high quality of education that the Cambridge University afford a candidate and the network of great minds and great exposure granted each successful candidate , there are other benefits which come with the scholarship , they include the following benefits, arranged according to the specific scholarship site all don’t offer the same number of benefits.

  1. The Albert Goh & Elizabeth Croups scholarship gives a monetary award of up to 4,000 pounds for a masters program
  2. The Gurnee Hart scholarship pays it recipient 8,000 pounds for a masters program.
  3. The Embiricos Trust scholarship gives out a financial incentive of up to 13,000 pounds for a PhD program.


The international  graduate scholarship  at Jesus college provide financial support to postgraduate students of both UK and international students to fund their education .