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Academic Honour Merit Scholarship

Get the skills and knowledge you need for the next step in your career by joining the Academic Honour Merit Scholarship offered by the...

ECU Executive Dean’s BSc K89 Scholarship

Take your education to the heights of a career with the ECU Executive Dean’s BSc K89 Scholarship offered by the Edith Cowan University. The...

ANU Yue Jiang Memorial Funding for Chinese Students

Do want to study in the USA but unable to pay for tuition? Then you have landed at the right place! Arizona State University...
Vidyasiri Scholarship

Vidyasiri Scholarship in India – Apply Online

Applications are currently going on for the Vidyasiri Scholarship. The scholarship scheme was introduced by the Government to aid students aspiring to continue their...

Ghanaian-German Doctoral Training Programme for young Ghanaians

The German academic exchange service which is referred to as DAAD, in partnership with Ghana scholarships  secretariat welcomes applications from young Ghanaians  who have...