How Many Jobs are Available in Containers/Packaging?

Over 580,000 jobs are available in the containers/packaging job market according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The number will increase due to the increasing demand for goods across the globe. The retail industry and market is a large niche that involves a diverse range of activities and businesses. Statistica reported that this sector generated over $26 trillion in sales and is expected to reach $30 million by 2024.

What is Containers/Packaging? Containers hold any material or parcels ready to be shipped, and packaging puts goods and other forms of commodities inside containers in preparation for shipping. Containers and packaging work together because many packages and commodities cannot be shipped to their destinations without them. They provide retailers and consumers with a wide range of options to get their commodities delivered to them.

Overview of the Container/Packaging Job Market

Container/packaging jobs are needed in every chamber of commerce, like consumer goods, health care, skin care, beverages, drugs, chemical production, etc. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics data, this industry is booming because every other manufacturing niche needs it to deliver products to its final users.

According to, employees in this sector earn an average salary of $84,659 annually. The Global Containers and Packaging Industry forecasts predict that this sector will grow at a rate of 5.5% between 2022-2030. Additionally, this growth is most likely from the impact of the emerging e-commerce industry which creates more employment opportunities in the sector.

What are the Available Jobs in Containers/Packaging?

Many job opportunities are available in the containers and packaging sector. Below are the most common jobs available in the industry.

10 most popular jobs in the containers/packaging industry 

1. Freight Shipping Agent 

Freight Shipping Agent- How Many Jobs are Available in Containers/Packaging?
Freight Shipping Agent- How Many Jobs are Available in Containers/Packaging?

Annual Salary: 123,558

A freight shipping agent is a professional who monitors the movement of ships, trucks, flights, and any other cargo coming in and out of the shipping terminals. They also take orders from individuals and brands and arrange the shipping of their goods. Freight shipping agents require effective communication, knowledge of geography, and organizational and planning skills.

Employers require a bachelor’s degree or a high school diploma. Some ask for practical qualifications or experience from freight shipping agents. They are in high demand, with over 30,000 openings each year. This role will grow at a rate of 3.6% from 2021 to 2031.

2. Packaging Office Manager

Annual Salary: $115,950

A containers/packaging office manager checks the packaging to ensure it meets the packaging standards and safety regulations. They also give directions on the best materials to use for every package that is assigned to their company. Packaging office managers must have problem-solving, assessment, interpersonal, and leadership abilities. Some employers require the manager to have some data entry skills to complement their duties.

Applicants must have a degree, although some container/packaging companies ask for a master’s degree. For entry-level positions, the manager may need to submit a high school diploma. Package office managers are in high demand. It has a positive job outlook and will grow at a rate of 9%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there are 1.4 million jobs available in this sector.

3. Logistics Manager

Annual Salary: $115,707

The logistics manager supervises other employees and monitors operations in the company. They also develop and implement strategies to improve logistics and ensure the warehouse is monitored while keeping the logistics software up to date.

Logistic managers must have skills like good negotiation, organizational, problem-solving, and the ability to coordinate essential operations. A degree in business management and other courses related to containers/packaging are required for this job. There are over 20,000 job openings for this role every year. This position is in high demand and employment will increase by 30% by 2030.

4. Accountant

Average Annual Salary: $81,903

The accountant checks and calculates the costs of containers and packaging tools. Accountants also prepare balance sheets, predict the company’s income, and track expenses. Additionally, the accountant influences the decision-making of the company. You must have good knowledge of accounting techniques, and experience with packaging accounting, inventory management, and cost-taking for this job.

An accountant must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting to be employed in the container/packaging market. There are 135,000 job openings every year. The availability of accounting jobs will grow by 4% in the coming years.

5. Quality Control Engineer

Quality Control Engineer- How Many Jobs are Available in Containers/Packaging?
Quality Control Engineer- How Many Jobs are Available in Containers/Packaging?

Annual Salary: $70,845

A quality control engineer is responsible for meeting the company’s packaging standards. The engineers assess the production process, test the products, and generate reports and results on the products. This job requires analytical and problem-solving skills, knowledge of quality standards, and the ability to take quick corrective action.

To be eligible for employment, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in an engineering field and two years of experience. Some employers may require a master’s degree and ISO certification. There are 1,568 openings available and it will grow by 10% from 2021 to 2031.

6. Packaging Engineer

 Annual Salary: $70,746

Packaging engineers are responsible for testing packaging designs, developing packaging concepts, and supervising and managing the packaging process in the company. Effective communication, project management, analytic, and design skills are required of employees.

A bachelor’s degree in packaging science or engineering is a requirement to apply for this role. They are high in demand. Every year, there are 7,709 job openings and the job will grow by 10% from 2021 to 2031.

7. Aircraft Loadmaster

Annual Salary: $47,247

An aircraft loadmaster is responsible for loading and offloading products and goods on aircraft. They secure the cargo and make sure it is not damaged and play airdrop roles. Communication and problem-solving skills, quick reaction time, and ability to secure cargo and compute aircraft weight and balance, among other requirements, are necessary for an aircraft load master.

A high school diploma is required to qualify for an aircraft master, and the applicant must be able to lift 70 pounds. Additional qualifications include completing courses on aircrew. There are more than 1,000 jobs available as aircraft loadmasters in the United States.

8. Forklift Operator

Annual Salary: $40,603

Forklift operators use forklift machines to offload goods and arrange them in their designated places. They also load, receive warehouse equipment, and move them across different locations within the company while scheduling work vehicles for repairs and maintenance. Forklift operators must be able to operate and control equipment, understand health and safety regulations, and have proficiency in operating the machines

You need a high school diploma and a driver’s license to be a forklift operator. Many employers require two to three years of experience using forklift machines. Employers must be trained before he is allowed to use the forklift machine. This job is high in demand. There are 1,592,223 forklift operators employed in the United States of America alone and it will expand by 7% from 2021 to 2031.

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9. Cargo Inspectors

Annual Salary: $37,834 

A cargo inspector is responsible for inspecting loaded cargo with cargo handling devices to ensure the company complies with regulations. The inspectors read vessel documents to verify the accuracy of manifests and make sure the vessel is strong. They also verify that contents comply with local, national, and international regulations before moving and after docking. To land this role, you must possess fast calculative skills, the ability to memorize working regulations, and effective communication skills.

This job requires four to six years of experience as a physical security officer and either a bachelor’s degree in a related field or a high school diploma. There is high demand for cargo inspectors, with over 7,707 jobs available. It will have a growth rate of 3.8% between 2021 and 2028.

10. Warehouse Truck Driver

Annual Salary: $34,741

The warehouse driver loads and unloads delivery trucks and operates a lift truck according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. The drivers maintain the warehouse, gather, package, and ship customers’ orders, and assign a tracking number to them. They aim to deliver several goods to different locations in a day. This job requires knowledge of basic maths, attention to detail, good communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills.

Applicants must hold a high school diploma or GED and a valid commercial driver’s license. They need two years of experience loading and unloading goods, forklift certification, and a clean driving record. Additionally, they must be physically able to lift heavy items and have prior experience working as truck drivers. There are 90,000 jobs available in the warehouse truck driver sector this and will grow by 1% from 2018 to 2028.

Other Jobs Available in Containers/Packaging 

Below are other jobs available in the containers and packaging industry.

  • Hirers and brokers
  • Production manager
  • Industrial designer
  • Packaging supervisor
  • Packaging laborer
  • Packaging technician
  • Vessel inspector
  • Warehouse packer
  • Stocker
  • Product tester
  • Website developer
  • Inventory or data entry

What are the Factors Affecting the Availability of Jobs in Containers/Packaging 

Containers/packaging are important market sectors that give life to the commerce industry, but many factors affect the availability of jobs. Below are some of these factors.

Here are five factors affecting the availability of jobs in containers/packaging.

1. Competition

 Many companies in the containers/packaging create a highly competitive industry. As a result, companies often engage in cost-cutting measures to offer cheaper services as consumers seek lower-priced options. These cost-cutting measures can lead to a reduction in the hiring rate within the industry. 

2. Changes in customer choices

Customer choices can negatively affect the availability of jobs in this sector. If consumers suddenly stop demanding a particular service provided by containers/packaging, it will reduce job availability.

3. Change in trade policy

Trade policies impact all businesses. They have the power to make a business flourish or close down. Containers/packaging will be affected when the government comes up with policies that affect them. When they are affected negatively, they will not hire anyone due to reduced demand and output.

4. Technological trends

Technological advancement is shaping the economy in various ways. New technical tools and software are introduced to simplify work processes. The containers/packaging sector has experienced a technological revolution. This advancement has brought about the automation of transactions and the use of advanced machines which has reduced the number of available jobs in the industry.

5. Economic trends globally

Containers/packaging job availability can be influenced by the global economy. A booming economy creates a high demand for containers/packaging, while a poor economy decreases orders and patronage, therefore affecting job availability. When demand reduces or disappears entirely, companies stop employing staff or terminate the jobs of existing staff members.

How to Get a Job in Containers/Packaging

When you make up your mind to work in the containers/packaging job market, you can apply for any position your skill set fits into.

Here are six steps to get a job in containers/packaging.

1. Get a degree

Most entry-level job positions in this sector typically require a degree. For instance, job positions such as freight shipping agent, manager, accountant, and packaging engineer usually require a degree. On the other hand, some positions such as forklift operator, truck driver, and others require at least a high school diploma. It is advisable to obtain the required degree or diploma to qualify for the role you are interested in.

2. Gain experience

Employers sometimes seek expertise instead of certifications. You will do yourself a lot of good if you have two to three years of experience in the role you desire. Go for an internship, volunteer at organizations, or go freelancing to get the experience you need. Skills are as important as degrees.

3. Network and research companies

Research and network with companies to increase your chances of landing a container/packaging job. Connecting with current employees can help you tailor your resume to the company’s needs and stand out among other applicants.

4. Build your resume to match the role you want

Revamp your resume to match what you want by highlighting your relevant skills, education, and achievements. This will help you appeal to potential employers and increase your chances of landing your desired job.

5. Apply for the job

Apply to multiple companies that have openings for the role you want, and don’t be afraid to go for the job you want. Keep your fingers crossed and wait for the interview or employment. Do not just apply to one company. You can opt-in for many other companies if you want, as long as they have an opening for the job you want.

6. Prepare for your interview

Prepare for your interview by researching the company’s core values and vision. Showcase your skills and experience in the containers/packaging job market during the interview to impress potential employers and secure the job.

What Do People Working in Containers/Packaging Do? 

Containers/packaging workers are responsible for preparing consumer goods for global shipment. They offer a range of services, including weighing, labeling, cleaning, loading, packaging, and maintaining containers for shipping.

Experts in this sector are also responsible for ensuring that all products are defect-free and sealed properly according to company guidelines. Packagers keep detailed records of everything that passes through their sector and seal containers using hand tools and adhesives to protect packages during transportation.

Furthermore, containers/packaging workers track the products entrusted to their care and ensure their safe delivery to their final destinations. The workers conduct inspections to ensure that all items are in order and remove damaged products, replacing them with good, working items to maintain company standards.

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What are the Educational Requirements and Training for Containers/Packaging Jobs 

Containers and packaging jobs may require a high school diploma, bachelor’s, or master’s degree depending on the role you want to apply for. Many entry-level jobs in the containers/packaging industry don’t need educational qualifications. Some are skill-based and training only. However, if you want to work in this field and have a successful career, you will need advanced training and degrees.

1. Educational requirements

A degree distinguishes you from other applicants for a position in containers/packaging. The educational qualifications you need are:

  • High school diploma
  • Degree

Few employers do not ask for educational requirements. Instead, they prefer some completed college courses for some roles like office management, packaging, and other related roles.

2. Training

On-the-job training is provided to employees in this sector to help them understand the company’s packaging patterns, procedures, and equipment used for packaging, as well as the company’s products and how to handle them.

This training is necessary for career success and is particularly beneficial for those with previous experience in the role. It prepares you for the job and equips you with the skills you need to excel in your career.

3. Certifications and license

Employers will view you as more competent and qualified for a job when you hold certifications and licenses. While not a necessity, they demonstrate your level of experience. Additionally, they help you develop new skills and expand your knowledge in any area of interest.

To kick-start your career in this sector, there are many resources available. You can take courses and become certified in your field using numerous resources. Educational resources are also available through professional organizations.

What are the Skills Needed to get a Job in Containers/Packaging

You need some essential skills to thrive in the containers/packaging industry. They will make you stand out and have a successful career.

Here are five skills you need to land a job in containers/packaging.

1. Technical skills

Technical skills are essential for workers in the containers and packaging sector and are required to operate tools and software necessary for packaging products and making deliveries. Additionally, they are utilized to repair their machines and ensure the smooth running of their duties.

2. Effective communication skills

Containers/packaging involve daily communication with a variety of individuals from different backgrounds, including customers and other team members. Your career success in this sector is determined by the level of your communication. The skill is essential for effectively fulfilling your role.

3. Organizational skill

This sector is all about the organization. You need it to effectively organize your work corner, manage team members, and monitor goods in your care. It also helps with planning and time management.

4. Attention to detail

As a professional in containers/packaging, you must pay close attention to detail. This ensures that products are correctly packaged and labeled, packages are placed in the correct locations, and consumers receive safe delivery.

5. Problem-solving skills

Providing solutions to the challenges or setbacks encountered while doing your job will become an expert. Your problem-solving ability will come in handy when you encounter problems like product damage or inadequate packaging. If you lack this ability, surviving in this career may be challenging.

Where to Find Jobs in Containers/Packaging 

Companies in the containers/packaging industry always look for qualified candidates to make their jobs better and faster.

Here are the five best places to find jobs in containers/packaging. 

1. Job listing sites

 Job search sites like Craigslist, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Wellfound, and Ladders offer a good starting point for those seeking high-paying jobs. You can filter and choose from a variety of options that match your skill set and expertise.

2. Professional websites

LinkedIn is one of the world’s leading professional websites where organizations from all over the world post job openings. You can use this platform to find a job for free by subscribing to their email and going through the job listings.

Another helpful professional website is Twitter, where many organizations post job opportunities. To find a job on Twitter, simply go to the search bar and type “we are hiring a [insert the role you want]” and click on search. This will display recently posted jobs in that industry.

3. Corporate Events

Talent events provide opportunities for individuals to demonstrate their expertise and skills in a particular sector, as well as receive training on resume creation and job application. These events are also attended by many employers who are looking for talented individuals to add to their teams. To take advantage of this, search for an event happening near you, and attend.

4. Online Forums

Online forums like Quora, Reddit, Facebook groups, and other containers/packaging-related groups are great platforms to get a job. Leaders and employees use this medium to recruit new workers into their teams.

5. Company websites

Make a list of all the companies you want to work for and check their websites. They might have open positions listed on their websites. Read up on the vacancy and requirements and apply accordingly.

International and Remote Job Opportunities in Containers/Packaging 

The containers/packaging sector offers many opportunities for remote work. Roles such as industrial developers, web developers, data entry operators, and others are available from all over the world. People in these positions can work remotely from anywhere, they do not have to be present in the company. Websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Djinni, and others offer remote jobs.

Tips for Finding Jobs in Containers/Packaging

We have already established that container/packaging jobs are high in demand. Here are five professional tips for finding jobs in the containers/packaging industry.

1. Prepare your mind and make a decision

This is the first step to finding a job in this sector. Your mind must be prepared, and you must choose the role you want to play in this industry. It will help you stay focused on your job search.

2. Get a work experience in containers/packaging

Getting some experience in this sector will give you an edge. Look for volunteer positions, internships, or work as a freelancer for a few months.

3. Prepare your resume

We agreed earlier that a well-tailored resume improves your chances of getting a job in the containers/packaging sector. Your resume must highlight your strengths, experiences, and abilities. The competition is high, and as such, you must do everything possible to rank above other applicants.

4. Know industry trends

A person seeking a job in any sector must be updated on industry trends. You must know the latest developments, tools, and other things that make the job easier. Also, you should network with people working in the industry to learn more and be prepared for your interview.

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5. Have a mentor in the containers/packaging industry

Having a mentor will make your career easier. Your mentor must be experienced in this sector. They will assist and influence you with the knowledge that will benefit your job.

Ensure you follow these five tips to find available jobs in containers/packaging. They will help you find a job in your desired section, company, and location.

How to Apply for Jobs in Containers/Packaging

If you are applying for a job in this sector, it is important to know the process. It is also important to know the requirements and keep everything handy as you fill out the form. This will help you keep track and be aware of the deadline and the information you need.

Once you understand your career choice, keep your CV or resume handy. Find the job you want to apply for using any of the means we have mentioned in this article. After that, you move over to the application form.

Here are eight steps you can take to apply for jobs in containers/packaging.

1. Start your application early

 The first step is to start your application early. When you do that, you will have enough time to complete your application, look over the questions, and answer them well.

2. Study the employer and the vacant role

Do not just start filling out the form. Study the employer and the company alongside the vacant position. It will help you know what to do and the right words to use. Understand the employer and the role they are looking for, and tailor your application to their preferences.

3. Make sure you answer all questions correctly

Stick to the word count. Stick to the questions and do not deviate. You will be asked some questions related to your problem-solving and customer service skills. Answer them thoroughly and provide examples of how you solved them in previous work or experiences.

4. Your details must be accurate

Make sure you give the correct details and that the details on the form match the details on your CV. Your CV cannot be about financial consulting when you are applying for a role as a packaging office manager. Be mindful of this and stick to the task at hand.

5. Provide a reference

Some employers might ask for your referees. Give the names of trusted referees. They must not be your previous colleagues but can be family or friends. Make sure you get their permission before putting their names and contact details on the form.

6. Write a cover letter

Every employee asks for a cover letter and you should keep it handy before starting the application process. The employer may ask you to attach it as a file or paste it into a paragraph. Keep your cover letter short, and don’t include the details already in your CV or resume.

Your cover letter must include:

  • Job title
  • Why you are applying for the vacancy
  • Your competence
  • Why you should be hired
  • An indication that you’re waiting for their reply

7. Go through once again

Before you click on submit, go through your applications one more time. Make sure they are grammatically correct. Make sure the information you gave is correct. Click “submit” if they match and are up to standards.

8. Prepare for an interview

Finally, once you click on submit, you prepare for your interview. Keep checking your email so that you won’t miss the interview date. Practice interview questions and be prepared.

What is the future of the containers/packaging industry?

The containers/packaging industry will be worth $6.3 billion and is expected to boom at a growth rate of 9.5% by 2028. This growth will be influenced by several factors and trends in the industry. These trends are technology, an increase in demand, and e-commerce.

Another factor that influences this growth is increased demand from food and beverage companies. The containers/packaging industry is a good market to build a career in. It has a great future and will keep expanding.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are containers/packaging jobs high in demand?

Yes, containers/packaging jobs are in high demand. Smithers reported that the demand will go up at a rate of 2.8% annually and have a global value of $1.2 trillion by 2024.

What containers/packaging jobs are high in demand?

Jobs in high demand in containers/packaging include packaging machine operators, packaging specialists, and freight shipping agents.

What is the hardest containers/packaging job?

The hardest containers/packaging job include production supervisor, shipping coordinator, and packaging. These jobs require top-notch skills, knowledge, and technical knowledge.

How big is the containers/packaging industry?

The containers/packaging industry is currently worth $6.3 billion. The industry is expected to keep expanding due to technological development and e-commerce.

How big is the container industry?

The container shipping market was valued at $8.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to be worth $15.83 billion by 2028. The industry is predicted to have a CAGR of 4.3% from 2021 to 2031. The shipping industry is a large market with many different sizes of containers that serve a purpose.

How big is the packaging industry?

The global packaging industry is estimated to have a compound annual growth rate of 3.92%. The industry was worth $1.0 trillion in 2021. The packaging industry is high in demand and is expected to reach $1.5 trillion in 2031 with a compound annual rate of 4.2%.

Conclusion: How Many Jobs are Available in Containers/Packaging?

The article provides details on the number of jobs available in container/packaging operations, showcasing a wide range of job opportunities, required qualifications, and tips on how to find them. For individuals seeking new career paths, these details offer a comprehensive guide.

It’s important to note that not all jobs in container/packaging operations offer equal salaries. If you’re aiming for a high-paying job, you must upgrade your skills and educational qualifications. The article lists various methods you can use to secure a well-paying job.