The Hillcity Foundation Educational Support Programme seeks to promote the attainment of quality education by supporting young, needy people to achieve their dreams and fulfill their destiny.
An uneducated young life is a potential hazard to the society. Hillcity foundation hopes to empower young people by providing them some educational assistance annually.
The aim is not to provide absolute scholarship but it’s just a way of supporting & motivating them to release and maximise their potentials.

The Educational Support Programme as a unit of the Hillcity Foundation will focus on providing educational assistance to needy young persons, hence, enabling them fulfill their destinies.

We seek To empower young people intellectually, translating to all round empowerment – socially, financially, morally, politically, etc.

To provide educational assistance to deserving young people aimed at motivating them to release /maximize their potentials.
100+ scholarships /year

1. Must be a Nigerian.
2. University Undergraduate student
3. Age range 16-25 years
4. With potential/hungry for greatness but financially challenged (with evidence)
5. Verifiable supporting Educational Documents
6. Completing Hillcity Educational Support application.

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