Full Tuition Lazarski University Foundation Scholarships Application Procedure

The Lazarski foundation received its status as a public benefit organization on 19th July 2013. The foundation is dedicated to free access to education and knowledge. Since its formation, the Lazarski University Foundation has been helping talented young people reach their potentials by its annual scholarship scheme. The Full Tuition Lazarski University Foundation Scholarships are usually awarded to brilliant young minds who are not able to reach their full potentials due to financial difficulty. Since its creation, the Lazarski University Foundation is has awarded more than 10,000 scholarships to deserving students. The beneficiaries of this scholarship is proof that the Lazarski University Foundation has a positive impact on the society.

Why Lazarski University?

If you wish to complete your higher education in Poland, then you might want to consider Lazarski University. The University was established in 1993, a private university and located in Warsaw Poland.  There are 3 main faculties in the University, namely, Faculty of Law and Administration, Faculty of Economics and Management and Faculty of Medicine. The university offers both graduate and postgraduate degrees under these faculties. Its postgraduate education center offers postgraduate degrees like MBA or MPA for students with an undergraduate degree.

The university has ranked #3 of the top private universities in Poland with its law faculty has ranking #1 for 8 consecutive years. The university is dedicated to impacting knowledge through world renowned researches, internships for students and lectures handled by top notched professors. The university is an international one and collaborates with other higher institution outside Poland. The university curricula in English are devised in collaboration with Boston university and Coventry University, as such graduates are offered both a Polish and Britain diploma. The university has an in-state tuition and international tuition of $3,750.

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Full Tuition Lazarski University Foundation Scholarships.

Lazarski University Foundation scholarship is a product of Lazarski Foundation. The main aim of the scholarship is to assist talented intelligent young minds with financial needs. The grant covers the whole or a part of the tuition fee at Lazarski University. The scholarship is awarded to talented, studious and socially active students who have difficulties paying their tuition. The scholarship is awarded to both current students in Lazarski University and students who want to start studying at Lazarski University.

Who Can Apply for the Lazarski University Foundation Scholarships?

  • Current students at Lazarski University with an average grade of 4.2 in the Bachelor’s or Master’s program
  • Incoming students with high scores in their GSCE or Average Mature Exam Grade,
  • International students at Lazarski University can apply for the scholarship provided they have an average grade of 4.2
  • Talented, studious and socially active students with financial needs.
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Application Documents

  • A completed application from. The application will contain motives behind the request of a grant and a declaration of your average grade Get the application form on the scholarship website
  • A declaration of average income per member of the applicant’s family in the last 3 months before submission of the application. Note that this declaration must be certified
  • The applicant’s achievement which should be substantiated by a certificate
  • For postgraduate students, a copy of their BA degree with the supplement
  • For incoming students, a copy of GSCE certificate
  • Reference letters from Employers, lecturers or professor. (reference letter must be from someone who knows you in a professional or academic capacity)

How to apply for the Lazarski University Foundation Scholarships.

The documents required above will be sent to the foundation head office at

Lazarski University Foundation

Ul. Swieradowska 43

02-662 Warsaw

Or applicants can send the scanned documents via email to: fundacja@lazarski.edu.pl

Selection Procedure.

  • The grant Committee takes the decision on awarding scholarship and their decisions are final
  • The grant awards scholarship based on the professional/academic achievement of the applicant; the grant will also consider the financial need of the applicant.
  • The Grant Committee selects not more than 15 candidates for the scholarship. These candidates are called for an interview by the Grant Committee.
  • After the interview, the Grant Committee Will decide on whether to grant scholarship or refuse to grant.
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Scholarship benefit – The total sum available for this academic year is PLN 20,000 for every academic year till completion of your course.  This award must go towards tuition fee or other education-related expenses.

Number of Award – the Grant Committee. Awards scholarship to not more than 15 students.

Application deadline for the Full Tuition Lazarski University Foundation Scholarships

All applications must be submitted before 9th October. Applications after 9th October are not entertained.

Note that the award can be withdrawn by the Foundation board if the recipient:

Drops out from the university.

Demonstrate an unworthy attitude

Uses the grant for what it was not intended.

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