Fox International Graduate/Undergraduate Fellowship

Fox International Graduate/Undergraduate Fellowship: Sidney Sussex College in the UK invites applications from graduate and undergraduate students of Sidney Sussex College for the Fox International Fellowships.

This enables the holder to spend the academic year 2019-20 at Yale University in the United States. The holder is not registered for a degree at Yale but has the opportunity to take classes and seminars, to work with members of the Yale faculty, and to use all the facilities of the university.

A stipend which covers living and travel expenses, plus health coverage and other benefits, are included in the award.

Worth of Award (Fox International Graduate/Undergraduate Fellowship)

  • A stipend which covers living and travel expenses, plus health coverage and other benefits, are included in the award.

Grants to Successful Applicants Include:

  • Round trip airfare
  • A stipend covering basic living expenses
  • Health insurance coverage

Fox International Graduate/Undergraduate Fellowship Eligibility

  • Successful undergraduate applicants will be those about to graduate from Cambridge, and their year at Yale functions as a gap year, often in preparation for further study in the UK or elsewhere.
  • Successful graduate applicants are typically at work on doctoral projects at Cambridge which would benefit from exposure to material and scholars at Yale, and these holders are allowed to count their year at Yale as part of their PhD work, with suitable leave to work away from Cambridge having been obtained. However, those graduating from a Masters year are also eligible to apply but would need to demonstrate how the year in Yale will satisfy the selection criteria set out below.


How to Apply for the Fox International Graduate/Undergraduate Fellowship

  • Your application must be made to the Graduate Tutors via the Graduate Office, Sidney Sussex College on Monday, 23rd January 2019. Please download and complete the application form
  • and submit two copies. Please ask two academic referees to write to the Graduate Office at directly by the deadline (these are your responsibility – the College will not chase up references which are not submitted or are late).
  • For undergraduates these will normally be from your Director of Studies and another supervisor who knows you and your work well; for graduate students these will normally be from your current M.Phil or doctoral supervisor, plus one other academic referee who knows you and your work well (for recently arrived graduate students, it is permissible to have the second reference from your most recent previous degree).

Deadline: applications Close Monday, 23nd January 2019.


Click here for more details and to apply

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