Bilkent University-Turkey’s premier University

Bilkent university was formed in 1984 by a partnership between three top foundations in education, research and health. The purpose was clearly to establish a new institution of higher learning that is a strong in research and education. Even the name “Bilkent” is symbolic. It is an acronym in the Turkish language, for bilim Kenti Turkish which means “city of science and light”. 

Bilkent University Turkey

 From the founding of the University, the emphasis has been on building a university that is a leading light in the field of knowledge and research . The founder has contributed immense to knowledge before opening the university and has also served as the rector of Ankara university. and as trustee board of middle east technical university as founder and the first rector of Hacettepe university. Bilkent university is located in the colourful capital city of Turkey

 Bilkent University Address

The address of the university is 

Üniversiteler,06800,çankaya, Turkey.

Or Bilkent university, 06800 Ankara ,turkey

Bilkent University Ranking

 Bilkent university is the no 394th in the world and is the only Turkish university to make the list of 400 top universities in the world.

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 From the beginning of it opening, the university has been very good with adopting technology. And the university has continued in that path. The university now uses a new mail service which new students are expected to open an account with via this link. the new email service will accept names as new email addresses only.


 Bilkent university has some of the top academic programs in Turkey. The Faculty and non teaching staff work together to provide a rich learning environments for the students. Bilkent has a student/ faculty ratio of 14:1 and this facilitates close contact with the lecturers and enforces learning.

As one of the top 3 universities in Turkey, there are many students who seek admissions at Bilkent university. As of 2015 the university had a population of about 30,000 

The schools at the university  are divided into the following ;

  1. English language preparatory programs.
  2. Faculties and department 
  3. Applied schools.
  4. Programs and units
  5. Summer school
  6. Graduate schools
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Students Dorms

Bilkent university have dormitory for students. The dorms are conveniently built for students comfort and they provide a peaceful ambiance for study and relaxation. They are secure, hygienic and provide accommodation for over 4600 local and international students. The dorms consist of 26 buildings 

Bilkent University Library 

This one of the most comfortable places to study in Bilkent university. It has the right ambience, support Staff and study materials. It opening hours are 08;00 to 17;00. At the library there are books, journals, ebooks, DVDs etc. students can also access the electronic reserve at any part of the day and find course materials and copy of lecture notes.

IT Infrastructure 

 Being a modern campus Bilkent university campus if fitted for the information age.

 The Bilkent computer centre provides extensive computer resources to staff and students which help meets the university administrative, educational and computing needs. They also offer web based services such as webmail email services. 

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International Students 

Bilkent has made it mark as turkey’s premier university and each year many international students come to Bilkent to study. There are presently students from about 70 countries across the world who come there to receive a world class education.

Campus Life

the university is spread over a beautiful campus that is rich with students activities. There are a lot of social events to unwind from academic stress. There are sporting events, cultural activities and dining halls that caters for every taste.


Bilken University is a leading educational institution in turkey and among the top 400 in the world. It is a leading research and learning environment .