Best Trades For Women in 2021

Thanks to development and civilization, women can engage in any occupation or trade they wish. In this post, we will be discussing the best trades for women to engage in in 2001.

As we all know, The world is unavoidably changing. And, as time goes on, traditional occupations meant for a particular gender shift as well. For instance, before now, women were not allowed to be doctors, but with the enactment of Title IX of the Higher Education Act Amendments of 1972 and the Public Health Service Act of 1975, discrimination on the grounds of gender was abolished.

This post will help you make an informed decision about which trade to pursue in the future.

Best Trades for Women

Women who seek unorthodox jobs may acquire success more quickly as cultures and attitudes change, especially with the increasing number of firms seeking gender diversity.

Women make up a sizable proportion of the country’s trained labor force. They have a wealth of skills to offer, and having gender diversity in top management has many advantages for firms.

Women in senior management outperform organizations with no or only one or two female board members or directors.

Here is a list of some of the trade jobs that women can pursue:

1. Construction Technology

There has been a misconception that women do not belong in the construction technology field due to the hard labor.

With time, however, the construction industry has turned out to be a dynamic and ever-changing one.

It gets the top spot on our list of female-friendly trades because of the shift toward greener building practices and material consumption. Women who enter the construction industry benefit from training in contemporary techniques.

2. Construction Management

For women who aspire to advance in the realm of building technology, the Construction Management program prepares them for entry-level positions in the construction industry, as well as training in building management and building inspection.

3. Electrical Technician

Does a woman being an electrical technician sound absurd to you? Well, it shouldn’t.  If you want to be an apprentice electrician, the Electrical Technician job provides women with the required training to work in the field.

Becoming an electrical engineer is a competitive process, but with a combination of hands-on and in-class instruction, you can master the fundamental skills that employers need.

4. Architect or Civil Drafter

This is yet another flourishing field for ladies to enter. Women are known to be quite creative, and this creativity is useful in this field.

Designing maps and drawings that guide major construction projects such as road, bridge, and building construction requires a full load of creativity.

5. Electrical Engineer

Are you fond of how electricity works? Well, nothing stops you from starting your career in a job that will require you to work with electronics of all sizes.

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You could work on everything from design and development to testing and repairs. Electrical engineering is also one of the highest-paying careers for women, with an average annual salary of $101,600.

6. Industrial Designer

As mentioned earlier, women are known for their creativity which plays a major role in this sector.

You may be in charge of designing practically any form of manufactured product, from toys to furniture to automobiles.

This is also a lucrative career with an average yearly salary of $71,430.

7. Mechanical Engineer

Have you ever thought about a career in mechanical engineering? Well, you should!

Mechanical engineers earn $92,800 per year on average for their contributions to the design and development of machineries such as engines, generators, and turbines.

8. Solar Energy Technician

The trade includes learning how to install, repair, and maintain solar energy systems in order to turn the sun’s rays into power. Although the average yearly wage is $46,010, which might not seem lucrative, there is room for growth, improvement, and a pay increase.

9. Wind Energy Technician

This is actually a fun career choice. You get to learn how to work with the equipment that gathers wind and converts it into energy in this profession. And you may expect to be well compensated for your efforts in promoting clean, renewable energy. The average yearly compensation for wind power technicians is $58,000.

10. Graphic Designer

Do men dominate the graphic designing field? Well, it’s time to change that.

You can work as a graphic designer to create graphics for commercials, brochures, web pages, and other forms of media. You will also most likely earn good pay, given that the annual average in the sector is $54,680.

11. Multimedia Artist

Closely related to the graphic design job is the multimedia artist job. This trade involves creating art, animation, and special effects for films, television shows, video games, and other forms of electronic media.

You can put your technical and artistic skills to good use in one of the highest-paying careers for women, with annual compensation of $78,230.

Common and Equally Good Trades for Women

Irrespective of what has been discussed above, most women find themselves gearing towards the profession discussed below:

1. Makeup artist (annual pay average: $34,396)

Many vocational colleges offer makeup artist courses, but you can also learn the craft in an established beauty school. The career options are limitless, ranging from starting your own business to making brides look their best on their wedding day to working as a freelancer in Canada’s flourishing film sector.

2. Dental hygienist (annual income average: $65,325)

A dental hygienist is one of the highest-paying and most in-demand careers for women in Canada.

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Cleaning teeth, assessing the patient’s overall oral health, applying fluoride treatments and sealants to strengthen teeth, preventing cavities, and inspecting the patient’s gums are all part of the job.

3. Registered nurse (annual income average: $61,055)

A registered nurse is one of the most popular trades occupations for women and one of Canada’s highest-paying and most in-demand jobs.

A registered nurse serves as a doctor’s right hand, assessing a patient’s health and assisting in the development of the best treatment plan, as well as working with patients and their families on post-treatment care.

Highest Paying Trade Jobs for Women

Thinking of making enough money within a short time? Well, below are some of the highest-paying jobs for women in 2021/

  • Radiation Therapists.
  • Technologists in Nuclear Medicine
  • Dental Hygienists.
  • Technicians in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Mechanics and technicians of aircraft and avionics equipment.
  • Boilermakers
  • Inspectors of construction and buildings.

Top Careers for Women

Below are some top career choices for women:

1. Designer of Video Games

Make a name for yourself in the gaming industry by learning the game production cycle and honing your graphics creation, coding, and level construction abilities. And be prepared to be rewarded for your skills and passion in one of the highest-paying occupations for women; game designers earn an average yearly income of $90,270.

2. Computer Programmer

This is also another top career choice for women. Computer programming entails writing code, testing programs, and repairing mistakes and flaws to ensure that an organization’s software systems work properly. It is also quite lucrative, with an annual income of $89,580,

3. Database Administrator

As a database administrator, you must safeguard sensitive and confidential data in a business. A data administrator guarantees that the data is organized and available to those permitted to view it and ensures the integrity of the data.

Learning how to install, configure, update, safeguard, back up, and recover data can lead to a position with an average annual pay of $92,030.

4. Worker in the Oil and Gas Industry

Women have also taken advantage of the various changes that the oil and gas business offers by training to become workers, engineers, repairmen, technicians, etc.

Average annual pay in this field ranges from $40,220 to $156,370.

5. Installers and Repairers of Elevators

Working on elevators entails repairing, installing, and maintaining elevators as well as relocating staircases, boardwalks, and chairlifts. Elevator installers and repairers identify and correct issues that cause elevators to malfunction.

They also provide equipment testing, installation, and maintenance. Their knowledge of basic algebra, designs, and the fundamentals of electrical and electronic safety aids them in performing these duties.

According to the BLS, the average wage for an elevator repairer/installer is $76,650.

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Highest Paying Trade Jobs

The highest paying trade jobs for women should be software developers. A career in software design and development ensures an average yearly salary of $108,080. This makes it one of the best-paying careers for women in our List of Trades for women.

Trade Jobs That Pay Well

Some equally trade jobs that pay well are:

  • Aeronautical Mechanic
  • Sheet Metal Worker
  • Web Developer.
  • Dental Hygienist.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse.
  • Electrician

Trade Schools Careers

Some careers to pursue after trade school are,

  • Radiation Therapists
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologists
  • Dental Hygienists.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians

Trade School for Women

There might not be a particular school for women to learn a particular trade, given the need for gender inclusivity. However, many national and state organizations have developed programs to assist women in entering traditionally male-dominated trades.

One of such organizations is the Professional Women in Construction (PWC). PWC is a nationwide nonprofit organization created in 1980 to advance and support women in the design, engineering, and construction professions. Its mission is to assist women in entering these industries and to encourage workplace diversity.

Also, the government of the United States has committed funds to support programs and incentives for women pursuing skilled craft occupations. The United States Department of Labor provided $1.4 million to the Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations (WANTO) program in 2018, which finances community-based programs to assist women in entering these areas.

There are occasional grants to women pursuing an education in unorthodox professional fields provided by the US government. Financial assistance may also be available through programs such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Scholarships may also be given through organizations such as the American Association of University Women. This organization was founded in 1881 and worked to increase the number of women in historically male-dominated sectors.

Conclusion: Trades For Women

From this article on trades for women, you can deduce that we went with more unconventional trades for women. Remember that pursuing any of this trade listed here is more than just securing a future for yourself.

You’re also paving the road for the other ambitious women who wish to follow in your footsteps.

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